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Cashion Brings American-Made Forward Facing Sonar Rods To Market

Cashion Rods, of Sanford, North Carolina, announces the release of two new rods specifically designed to help bass anglers fishing Forward Facing Sonar techniques. Like other Cashion offerings, the rods will be made in the U.S.A., from blanks rolled in-house to the assembly of every rod component.

“Electronics get plenty of media attention, but rod technology can literally be a make-or-break choice,” said Cashion Rods Owner and Founder, Dr. Matthew Cashion. “From the way a rod affects your casting precision and bait presentation to sensing when to set the hook and how to bring a fish into the boat, your choice of rod is absolutely critical.”

“It makes the difference between potentially catching a fish and actually landing one. And, like the graphs they complement, our new Forward Facing Sonar Rods are a must for competitive anglers who want every advantage in those areas.”

On the outside, Cashion’s Forward Facing Sonar Rods will bear the hallmarks of its popular ICON Series, while on the inside, these rods will continue the successes of the company’s CR6r blank and lightest weight components. And, as it is with each Cashion rod, material science is at the heart of every design and the advantages built into it.

This craftsmanship starts with rolling rod blanks in-house, using Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB) to combine mechanical and additive technology and create ultra high bond strength between the matrix of carbon fiber and proprietary-engineered epoxy. With the unsanded, featherlight blank completely encapsulated, protected, and enhanced by industry-leading processes, the Cashion team then adds custom components like its graphite reel seats and signature carbon fiber-fiberglass butt grips. 

From the butt grip to the rod tip, the rods are built to be both ultra-durable and remarkably sensitive, with each step providing a distinguished look, a hardwearing composition, and an effortless feel so anglers can throw baits all day long with accuracy, ease, and comfort.

“You’re going to want both rods,” Dr. Cashion continued. “Whether you’re throwing a light, minnow-profile bait like a Damiki rig or a lure designed to fish deeper on our medium rod, you’re going to love how these rods have the right balance of power, control, and sensitivity.”

In addition to having ideal length, weight, power, and action suited for use with Forward Facing Sonar techniques, the ICON FFS rods are assembled with the top-of-the-line features and smart specifications listed below.

Key Features

  • Made in America
  • K-Frame #6 tangle-free guides with Zirconium inserts designed for braided line, casting distance, and knot clearance
  • High quality graphite reel seat with EVA foregrip and locking nut grip, keeping the threads hidden and therefore maximizing comfort
  • Carbon fiber/fiberglass butt grip for increased sensitivity and durability
  • Dropshot style hook keeper for fast and efficient lure removal
  • Lifetime warranty

Specifications for Cashion’s 7’5” Forward Facing Sonar Rod

  • Length: 7’5″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Med-Light
  • Technique(s): Finesse Fishing
  • Line Weight: 6-10 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 1/16-5/16 oz
  • Handle Length: 9.5″
  • Foregrip: EVA Foam
  • Butt Grip: Cashion’s Signature Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Weave in Black/Gray
  • # of Guides: 8 + Tip
  • SKU: iFFS75MLFs
  • MSRP: $234.95

Specifications for Cashion’s 7’4” Forward Facing Sonar Rod

  • Length: 7’4″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Med
  • Technique(s): Finesse Fishing
  • Line Weight: 6-12 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 5/16-1/2 oz
  • Handle Length: 9.0″
  • Foregrip: EVA Foam
  • Butt Grip: Cashion’s Signature Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Weave in Black/Gray
  • # of Guides: 8 + Tip
  • SKU: iFFS74MFs
  • MSRP: $234.95

“Since starting the company in 2010, we’ve taken a scientific approach to making our rods, manufacturing every rod right here in North Carolina and closely controlling the process to ensure quality,” Dr. Cashion added. “This means durable rods, meant for long-term use, with built-in advantages so anglers can catch more fish. We’re definitely excited to keep adding more rods of that caliber.”

For more details about these rods, the ICON product line, and other leading products, be sure to visit and follow Cashion Rods (@cashionrods) on social media.

About Cashion Rods

American Made, Superior Quality, and Our People — since 2010, Cashion Rods set out to build upon these three pillars of strength and set itself apart from other rod companies. Founded on a love of fishing and expertise in material science, Dr. Matthew Cashion began the company after earning his Ph.D in chemistry with a concentration in polymer science from Virginia Tech. Cashion Rods has steadily grown in the years since its humble start and the team has fully-embraced the challenge of efficiently producing high quality and high performance fishing rods right here in the United States. The company’s craftsmen roll all of its blanks in-house and assemble every rod component before shipping them out to tackle retailers, distributors, OEM customers, and end-users alike. And, with each finished product and customer interaction along the way, Cashion’s team shines through as the company’s greatest asset.

For More Information About ICON Forward Facing Sonar Rods and Cashion’s Full Line of Products

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