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Catch Co. Introduces Two Exciting Additions to Its Collaborations Lineup

CHICAGO – Catch Co., a leading innovator in fishing tackle and accessories, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its highly successful Collaborations lineup with the introduction of two groundbreaking products: the Tight Rope Bite Getter and the Mike Bucca Weedless Baby Bull Shad. These additions demonstrate Catch Co.’s commitment to providing anglers with the most effective tools to enhance their fishing experience.

Catch co Tightrope BiteGetter

The Tight Rope Bite Getter spinnerbait is the ultimate solution for anglers who refuse to compromise when faced with challenging fishing conditions. Available in both 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz sizes, this exceptional bait combines a Turtleback and Colorado blade to deliver the perfect blend of enticing flash and vibration. Designed with precision, the head of the Tight Rope Bite Getter ensures impeccable performance, maintaining a true running motion at any speed while effortlessly deflecting off cover. Crafted with 17-7 spring steel wire, this spinnerbait guarantees durability and optimal vibration, while its hand-tied skirt and double wire bait keeper securely hold soft plastics in place.

“Our goal was to create a spinnerbait that would excel in tough fishing situations and consistently entice strikes,” said Ryan Whitacre, of Tight Rope Fishing. “The Tight Rope Bite Getter achieves this by offering the ideal combination of flash, vibration, and durability. This blade combination is incredibly versatile and will get bit in clear, stained, dirty, cold, or warm water. Anglers can trust that this spinnerbait will be their go-to solution when the fishing gets tough.”

Catch co WeedlessSwimbait Bucca

When it comes to targeting big fish lurking in vegetation, the Mike Bucca Weedless Baby Bull Shad is the ultimate companion. Engineered to perfection, this bait features a jointed body and a weighted EWG hook with a hidden weight in the belly, effectively imitating the movement of a fleeing baitfish. The realistic profile and enticing swimming action of the Weedless Baby Bull Shad are further enhanced by its innovative inner mesh, preventing the tail from ripping off during intense battles.

“We could not be more excited to expand our partnership with Mike Bucca.” commented Ross Gordon, CEO of Catch Co. “The Weedless Baby Bull Shad brings the amazing action of the Bull Shad swimbait to a whole new level, and can be fished in almost any vegetation or cover.”

To ensure anglers have the versatility they need, the Weedless Baby Bull Shad comes pre-rigged with one weighted EWG hook and includes an additional body. Whether fishing around cover such as wood, rock, vegetation, or docks, the Tight Rope Bite Getter and the Weedless Baby Bull Shad offer unbeatable performance and versatility. These exceptional baits will undoubtedly become essential tools in the tackle boxes of anglers across the country.

The Tight Rope Bite Getter is available in 12 captivating colorways, while the Weedless Baby Bull Shad comes in six fish catching options, ensuring anglers can match the hatch in any fishing scenario.

For more information about the Tight Rope Bite Getter, the Weedless Baby Bull Shad, and other innovative fishing products from Catch Co., visit

About The Catch Company

Founded in 2012 by fishing enthusiast  Ross Gordon, Catch Co. is on a mission to ‘rescue humanity from the indoors’ with the best products, content, and shopping experiences in all of fishing. Catch Co. is best known for its innovative commerce brands Mystery Tackle Box, the original monthly subscription box of lures and tackle, and Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors, a membership-based ecommerce platform. The company has developed some of the industry’s most innovative products entirely in-house. It has a passionate social community of over two million followers and produces an original video series that has garnered millions of minutes of attention. For more information and inspiration to get outside, visit

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