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Catch Co. Releases New VileTube Soft Plastic

Chicago – IL, – Catch Co., the creators of BioSpawn Lures, as well as brands like Mystery Tackle Box, Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors, and other leading brands in the fishing industry, yesterday announced the release of a brand new bait in the BioSpawn Lures lineup. The all new BioSpawn VileTube is a 3.5” soft plastic tube crafted with the BioSpawn brand’s signature features. The VileTube has two body wings along the sides which creates a wider glide as it falls through the water. This helps slow the fall and attract more bites. The VileTube has distinctive antennae that create action, which includes standard tube tentacles and two signature BioSpawn PlasmaTail antennas. The VileTube is salted, scented with BioScent, and comes in 12 lifelike colors.

“BioSpawn has been a highly trusted brand for anglers for years, and we love expanding the lineup with another unique, versatile option for our community. The VileTube brings true “made-in-a-lab” aesthetics and functionality . Northern anglers will love the “easy to rig” indicator for fishing on a tube jig head – a perfect smallmouth setup, especially when they are keyed in on goby and crawfish. Anglers who still practice the lost art of flipping and pitching tubes will appreciate the addition of “wing” appendages, which cause the VileTube to glide on the fall.…” says Matt Kestufskie, Brand Manager for Catch Co.

catch co BioSpawn VileTube

The VileTube is designed to be fished on a 1/8oz-1/2oz tube jig, and also excels on a Texas rig with a 1/8oz-1/2oz weight, on a 3/0-5/0 flipping hook. BioSpawn recommends fishing the VileTube on 8-14lb fluorocarbon, on a 7’-7’3” medium to medium heavy spinning setup when fishing on a tube jig. For the Texas Rig setup, it is recommended to beef up the setup a little to 14-20lb fluorocarbon on a 7’-7’6” medium heavy to heavy with a higher speed gear ratio reel.

“The VileTube is an awesome addition to the BioSpawn lineup that I am looking forward to throwing around a ton this season. Both throwing out in the reefs for smallmouth and flipping up shallow for largemouth, this bait is two baits in one! BioSpawn has a number of new releases this year that are quickly going to become go-to options for me,” said Josh Douglas, Bassmaster Elite Series and BioSpawn Pro.

Now available to all customers on Karl’s Fishing & Outdoors. Customers can even save 30% on these brand new releases by joining Karl’s Club, an annual membership club, offering added benefits including enhanced shipping options, pre-releases and invite only sales.


Founded in 2012 by fishing enthusiast Ross Gordon, Catch Co. is on a mission to ‘rescue people from the indoors’ with the best products, content, and shopping experiences in all of fishing. Catch Co. is best known for its innovative commerce brands Mystery Tackle Box, the original monthly subscription box of lures and tackle, and Karl’s Bait & Tackle, a membership-based ecommerce platform. The company has developed some of the industry’s most innovative products entirely in-house. It has a passionate social community of over two million followers and produces an original video series that has garnered millions of minutes of attention. For more information and inspiration to get outside, visit

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