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Chasing Colorado Walleyes this Spring

The post-spawn walleye chase is on across Colorado. Now is the time many anglers are hitting the open water with lots of anticipation for spring walleye fishing. Here are a few things to remember when out on the water.

Make sure to go heavier with your jigs than you were in the winter during ice fishing, or switch to diving plugs. As spring arrives, water temperature levels are rising and will continue to do so. This is going to force walleye to head to deeper waters than where you might have found them ice fishing in winter.

A lot of boat anglers will be chomping at the bit and end up trolling at a speed that is not conducive to catching walleye. Most experts advise starting at about 1 mph as a good average speed, though some days the fish may want lures moving faster, some slower and experimentation might be necessary.

Another thing to consider is the water clarity during spring runoff. The water can be filled with particulates making it cloudy and visibility very low. Use lures that will help walleye home in on them. The louder the rattle the better, but if you are not getting bites, try switching up the lure to one that produces a slightly different sound to entice the bite.

In addition to sound, smelly baits are another way to help attract walleye to you in murky waters during the spring. You can either use plastics or lures that are ‘impregnated’ with scent or you can add your own scent to baits and lures as well. Live worms or minnows, of course, are hard to beat.

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By using the Colorado Fishing Atlas and the Stocking Report, you can view bodies of water on the map that have been stocked with “catchables” (about 10-inch long fish). These stocked fish make for a great opportunity to take young and novice anglers out for the chance to catch some fish and to Live Life Outside.

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