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Check the Fire Extinguishers in Your Boat

Boat owners should take note of a new U.S. Coast Guard fire protection regulation that took effect April 20.

Recreational boats with a disposable (non-rechargeable) fire extinguisher with a manufacture stamped date on the bottle that is older than 12 years are considered expired and must be removed from service. Fire extinguishers with a label stamped “Marine Type – USCG Approved” are considered up-to-date, and extinguishers without a date or marine label are most likely older than 2007 and must be replaced.

The following recreational boats are required to carry marine fire extinguishers:

  • Boats with permanently installed fuel tanks.
  • Spaces that are capable of trapping fumes, such as:
    • closed compartments, such as under seats,
    • double bottoms not sealed to the hull or not completely filled with flotation material,
    • closed living space,
    • closed stowage compartment where combustible or flammable materials are stowed.

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