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Collaborative Graduate Study with University of Idaho on Lake Cascade

Fisheries managers in the Southwest Region and University of Idaho graduate student Bryce Marciniak kicked off a study looking into the interactions between perch, pikeminnow and bass populations to determine their influence on the survival of juvenile perch.

For over a decade, we’ve observed prolonged periods of below-average recruitment for perch, which could potentially impact the long-term sustainability of the fishery,” said Mike Thomas, Regional Fisheries Biologist in charge of managing Lake Cascade. “The concern is that if there aren’t enough younger perch recruiting into the fishery, angler catch rates could drop significantly.”

Anglers should be aware that throughout the spring of 2023, they can expect to see a lot of orange University of Idaho buoys on the lake, while this graduate study is underway.

A Lake Cascade that doesn’t have massive perch is like a Waffle House that doesn’t serve waffles. Decades ago, the perch population crashed and angler participation followed. That led to an intensive perch restoration project by Fish and Game that rebuilt the prize perch fishery anglers currently enjoy.

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