Conservation Community Calls For Photo Donations

Nationwide — Through a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a partnership of conservation organizations is building a library of images that state fish and wildlife agencies can use to promote participation in outdoor recreation. The materials in the Clearinghouse will help agencies across the nation recruit and retain new outdoor recreationists.

These images will be used to create marketing materials, handouts, posters, powerpoints, presentations, and other communication materials focused on creating and retaining outdoor recreators. State and federal agencies and NGOs in the conservation space greatly benefit from the compelling imagery that the Clearinghouse provides.

While we welcome all types and styles of imagery, we are particularly interested in images of:

  • Diversity in race, gender, and age
  • Action shots depicting in-the-moment experiences
  • Lifestyle shots that show the activity at all stages, from preparation, time in the field, and back at the trailhead/parking lot/home
  • Social images of folks participating in this activity together
  • Interesting locations that show the adventure in “getting out there” 

Again, we heartily welcome all types of imagery and thank you for donating to this project. These are just a few of the qualities that we are most interested in.

You can donate images here by creating a folder and uploading any photos and/or videos you wish to contribute. Partner agencies will add your resources to the Clearinghouse and ensure they are available to help states connect more people with the great outdoors.  

For those interested, please check out the image clearinghouse or feel free to contact Matt at with any questions. 

This project is a collective effort of:

  • Association for Conservation Information
  • The Council for the Advancement of Hunting and Shooting Sports
  • The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation
  • Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

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