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Crappie Barotrauma Study

Mortality of crappies being caught from deep water is not a new concern. The reality is that the compounding factors of advancements in technology, including Forward Facing Sonar (FFS), make the process of finding and catching crappies in deep water far easier.

Lindner Media is not opposed to using FFS — we use it every time we are on the water. We are not in favor of banning FFS, nor is the Minnesota DNR. Again, the crappie barotrauma study was a pilot project. Information gleaned from this project will be used to refine research on the barotrauma issue. The intent of the video is to educate anglers about the negative effects of catching and releasing crappies from deep water. And as always, a top concern is to continue into the future with healthy and quality fisheries for all to enjoy.

The AnglingBuzz crew partners with the Minnesota DNR to study the affects of barotrauma on crappies caught in deep water.

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