Crappie Fishing’s Top 6 Selling Colors

Okay, here’s the dilemma. A buddy calls unexpectedly and says he’s just decided to go crappie fishing. He’ll be picking you up in 30 minutes. The problem’s not the short time, (most of us probably could be out the door in 15), but rather the fact that he instructed you to bring only one color of crappie fishing lure.

That’s it. ONE color! No additional details are given. You don’t know if the water is clear or muddy, or something in between. And you can’t help but wonder if the destination will have white crappie, black crappie or both.

The scenario is different from a normal outing, where you’d typically have at least your favorite crappie fishing box at your side, and more likely several boxes, loaded with your favorite crappie fishing baits in a host of colors to switch among throughout the day.

So, now, I ask: “Do you have enough confidence in one particular crappie color and bait for this to be an easy decision?”

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