Daiwa and Into The Blue Form TV Partnership

CYPRESS, CA  – Seems like no matter what station you tune into on cable television—or stream via various social media platforms—there’s a new fishing show on the scene. Yes, it seems every angler with access to a GoPro is producing something supposedly TV worthy. But only a few crest to iconic stature…

That’s where Into the Blue comes in, an exciting serious on the Discovery Channel and Waypoint TV that features the latest, greatest, and most exciting offshore saltwater content imaginable. With a history on TV that spans over a decade and half, the show has earned a significant following among anglers around the globe.

That said, Daiwa was extremely proud to join forces with Into the Blue for a three-year partnership providing gear top-to-bottom. Into the Blue is completely outfitted with Daiwa moving forward with production of their exciting offshore fishing content.

Into the Blue 2

“They just starting filming with all Daiwa products, and we look forward to a great run,” notes Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills. “I’ve been friends with Captain Scott Walker and Steve Rogers for decades. We kind of grew up together in the Keys. They’re very knowledgeable, very well respected, and some of the top offshore saltwater anglers in the entire industry.”

“We’ve been working with TV show The Saltwater Experience and they’re very strong with inshore and middle to light offshore. The reason we got on with Into the Blue is because of their strong offshore connection, their jig fishing, and targeting sailfish and open-water pelagics with our gear. They will be using our BG and Saltiga spinning reels and conventional Saltigas and Saltists, as well as J-Braid Grand line and all of our Daiwa jigs – SK Jigs, SL Jigs, Mr. Slow, Rock Rovers and on the surface, Saltiga Poppers, Salt Pro Minnows—and Daiwa J Fluorocarbon for all their leader material and rigs. Basically, everything Daiwa makes for the saltwater market. They also plan to make use of our accessories from our coolers for fish cleaning, bags, and the rest of our lifestyle gear. We’re very excited to have them on our team!”

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Mills continues: “These guys are on the extreme cutting edge of big, offshore angling. Ideally, working with both The Saltwater Experience and Into the Blue, we hit every aspect of saltwater angling—from light inshore to the most brutal and exciting offshore angling imaginable. Each has its own following that is huge.”

Into the Blue Executive Producer and co-host of The Saltwater Experience, Rich Tudor, of Florida-based SE Multimedia, remarks: “Into the Blue has been the number one fishing show on the Discovery network for the last 15 years. From offshore blue water for marlin and sailfish to near-shore reef and wreck fishing and everywhere in between, Captain Scott Walker and Steve Rogers hit it all. Scott has won several sailfish and marlin tournaments and is well-known in offshore angling circles. Scott Rogers is a Key West native, commercial fisherman, charter captain, spear fisherman, reef and wreck angler, so both Scott and Steve have varied experiences and background to draw from. They’re both extremely knowledgeable and know how to catch every fish that swims in the ocean.

“The show is on the Discovery Channel and Waypoint TV and has done extremely well. It’s been amazing,” adds Tudor. “Filming a show is like being in a tournament. The pressure is always on. That’s why we turned to Daiwa who offers the highest quality saltwater gear covering everything we could possibly need to fish opportunistically and film great shows. We trust every product.”

TV Host of Into the Blue, Captain Scott Walker, is ecstatic about the new relationship his TV show has with industry leader, Daiwa. “When I’m fishing a tournament or filming a TV show, I must be able to trust my tackle from top-to-bottom. Every component must work when targeting big offshore fish and the pressure is on the line. That’s why we turned to Daiwa, who offers a complete fishing system that catches fish.”

To learn more about Into the Blue or The Saltwater Experience, check out their web sites at https://waypointtv.com/into-the-blue and saltwaterexperience.com.

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