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DAIWA Bets On Your Bass Fishing Success

New Zillion technique-specific rod series being introduced at the Bassmaster Classic Expo

Foothill Ranch, CA – With unique rod technology features from the blanks to the the reel seat, DAIWA is putting the odds in your favor for a successful day targeting bass with its new 16-model Zillion bass rod series, being debuted at the upcoming Bassmaster Classic Expo on March 22-24, 2024 and now being shipped to tackle dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The 16-model Zillion rod lineup includes four casting and two spinning models built on DAIWA’s ‘Flex Light’ fiberglass blanks primarily for use with lures retrieved with constant tension, and seven casting and three spinning rods featuring DAIWA’s proprietary SVF Nanoplus technology blank construction, for slack line, bottom contact, and power fishing techniques.

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A rod series is designed to pair with the right DAIWA Zillion reel – be it the Zillion 10.0 SV TW for flipping/pitching and burning lipless cranks, the Zillion SV TW 100 series offered in three different gear ratios, or the Zillion TW HD 150 when the situation calls for heavier mono or braid and more line capacity, all the new Zillion rods feature DAIWA’s cutting-edge Carbon MQ grip butt section. 

“Anglers will quickly notice the unique look of all the Zillion rods with our Carbon MG grip and then the advantage of this design when put to use,” said Chris Martin, DAIWA’s field marketing specialist and an avid bass angler. “This design feature allows exceptional energy transfer through all contact points on the rod for outstanding sensitivity – up to 26% more sensitive than EVA or cork grip rods – allowing anglers to be more aware of what their lure and fish are doing beneath the surface,” explains Martin, “plus the reduced rod weight achieved with the Carbon MQ grips mean reduced fatigue from all-day casting and retrieving efforts, plus more comfort and control.”

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Putting focus on the lures and techniques anglers use to target bass, DAIWA’s rod development staff designed two different rod blank concepts in the construction of Zillion bass rods. The six ‘Flex Light’ rods offer more forgiving, more flexible attributes when using lures that are retrieved with a more constant retrieve, such as bladed jigs, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. “With the use of DAIWA’s GLATECH fiberglass in the blank construction, we’re able to offer the forgiving rod performance needed with these types of lures,” Martin said. “They’ll absorb a powerful hookset without pulling the hook due to the Flex-Light blank design.”

Martin notes the 6’10” Zillion 6101MHRB-FL casting rod will be a favorite for using bladed jigs, where anglers will get the needed casting distance, but with an under 7-foot length that can provide more accurate casts. He adds the 7-foot Zillion 701MLMRB-FL is the ‘versatile’ rod in the ‘Flex-Light’ lineup that works well with many types of moving baits.

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DAIWA’s standard flex Zillion rods feature models for a wide assortment of bass fishing techniques, from skipping docks, pitching and flipping, flinging A-rigs, casting swim jigs or working frogs, along with bottom contact drop shots, Ned and wacky rigs, shakey heads, and other finesse needs.

Martin notes the Zillion 661MXB casting rod – nicknamed the ‘skipping special’ – can thoroughly take advantage of the ‘SV’ feature within the Zillion baitcasting reels, which allows the spool design to interact with the braking system to provide maximum control and ease of use. “This can be the ideal rod/reel set-up for anglers who usually avoid the fish-catching advantages of skipping baits due to struggling with the technique,” Martin said. “There’s no reason to get frustrated while bass fishing when you put the right reel and rod together to master any technique called for.”

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So, what’s the right Zillion bass rod for you? While Martin says there’s a Zillion rod for most technique-specific situations, “check out the ‘multi-purpose’ Zillion 731MHFB to gauge how the rod feels in your hand, your comfort with Carbon MQ rear grip, and the overall lightweight feel from blank construction and our use of the DAIWA’s exclusive Air Sensor reel seat. We think you can elevate your bass fishing experience to new heights.”

Within the Zillion lineup, all 16 rods feature DAIWA’s Air Sensor Seat that transfers even the slightest rod tip vibration to the anglers’ hand to further enhance sensitivity, plus Fuji’s K Alconite Guide system to ensures durability and smooth line management. The 10 standard flex graphite blank Zillion with SVF Nanoplus technology for exceptional strength and responsiveness, also include X45 blank construction technology to reduce rod twist for more accurate and longer casts.

Now being shipped to tackle dealers as a prelude to their formal introduction in Tulsa, Okla. at the Bassmaster Classic Expo – the new Zillion rods will only be available from shops in the U.S. and Canada. All the Zillion rods retail for $329.99 (USD). 

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  • Carbon MQ Grip butt section increases sensitivity and reduces weight
  • Air Sensor Seat enhances sensitivity to detect the most delicate bites
  • FLEX LITE yields the feel of glass but at a significantly reduced weight
  • SVF GLASS achieves unprecedented lightness by minimizing resin content
  • SVF Nanoplus technology offers exceptional strength and responsiveness
  • X45 technology reduces rod twist more accurate and longer casts
  • Fuji K Guide system ensures durability and smooth line management

MSRP $349.99


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For Daiwa’s latest color catalog and/or information on Daiwa dealers in your area, call Daiwa’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to: The URL for Daiwa’s web site is

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