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Deepwater Spinnerbait Tactics For Bass

Bass fishing involves tactics and being at the top of your game. You’ll need as many of these tactics in your back pocket. Through the season, bass will occupy more areas of your favorite lake, and day in and day out, bass will see the best bait presentations. For a while now, I have been using a tactic that was briefly hot in bass fishing circles. I know what is behind this disappearing act, and I can tell you that this tactic works very well when it’s done right.

The tactic that I’m talking about is a deep-water spinnerbait. It came on the bass scene strong in the late 90s and hung around for a few years. It assembled a following, but as fast as it came onto the fishermen’s radar, it fell out of sight a year or two later. At that time, I purchased a few of these special spinnerbaits that were top sellers. Dragging my feet, I had them in my boat and would throw one here or there, but I never had any success with them. So at that time, I wrote it off as I figured everyone else was doing as poorly as I was.

Deep down, I knew something behind this tactic would work, but I had to refine the bait and the presentation a little as I was having a tough time keeping my bait in the bite zone on the bottom. We all know how well a spinnerbait can work for bass as we see these results in shallower water year after year, so why would it not work when fished in a deeper water situation? At that point, I set out to see if I could solve the deep-water spinnerbait puzzle.

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