Detect More Bites with the Fishin’ Stix Bite Alarm from Active Outdoors

Glen Lyon, Pennsylvania-  Active Outdoors LLC, creators of the popular Fishin’ Stix series is pleased to introduce the all-new Bite Alarm, a patented product built to make fishermen more effective while on the water.


The Bite Alarm can be used in conjunction with any Fishin’ Stix or on its own when teamed with your favorite fishing rod. As its name states, the Bite Alarm will detect a wide range of bites from small, finicky fish to large aggressive fish.


The Bite Alarm features both a visual LED light that flashes when you have a strike, and an audible alarm.  The audible alarm utilizes a pre-programmed “Beep”, or you can create your own customized alarm with the integrated recorder.  Just imagine your grandson’s voice letting grandpa know he has a bite!  Or if an audible alert is not needed or wanted, the Bite Alarm will just flash to indicate you have a bite.


Set up of the bite alarm is a breeze.  Simply mount the alarm to your Fishin’ Stix or fishing rod and run your line through the neoprene Y grip arm leaving slack between the arm and the reel.  When a bite occurs, the fish will pull this arm forward causing the alarm to sound and LED light to flash.


Adjustments can be made to the arm to customize the amount of tension that it takes before the alarm is triggered by modifying the drag. You can also dictate this by seating your fishing line deeper into the grip hand for greater resistance or shallower for more sensitive bites. A sensitivity knob adjusts the distance the arm moves until the alarm is activated.  Anglers will often make these drag adjustments based on the fish species that they are targeting, and the type of bites they are experiencing on that given day. High winds or heavy current can also create variables that require the proper drag adjustments to be made.


The grip handle is made from a glow in the dark material, this way if the batteries would die, the alarm is still useable by observing the glow hand for movement.  The Bite Alarm is water resistant and operates on two CR2032 batteries (included), along with a cloth, draw string carrying bag, so your Bite Alarm stays protected in route to that next fishing spot.


Mounting the Bite Alarm is simple thanks to a mobile clamp. It can swivel and be situated in nearly any position. The Bite Alarm clamp allows the product to be mounted to any conventional fishing rod or in conjunction with any Fishin’ Stix product.


The Bite Alarm is available in five color options:  black, orange, yellow, green, and pink has an MSRP of $13.99.


About Active Outdoors LLC:

Active Outdoors is a design and manufacturing business located in Glen Lyon, PA. They believe that everyone has their own “Activity”. Active designs and produces products to make you better at your activity. Whether that is camping, fishing, hunting, golf or any other outdoor pursuit, Active Outdoors strives to make products that create a more effective and enjoyable experience for you in the outdoors.


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