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DistroTV Adds Wired2fish TV to its Featured Channels Listing



Grand Rapids, announced that DistroTV, one of the largest, independent FAST ‘s (free ad-supported television) in the Streaming Market is adding Wired2fishTV to one of its ten “featured channels” on DistroTV.

Home to 150+ Channels, DistroTV is the first direct-to-consumer offering from DistroScale, a technology company founded in 2013 and known for providing a global clientele of thousands of media properties with the industry’s most comprehensive video platform for web, apps, and streaming. DistroScale is an all-in-one solution providing infrastructure, content delivery, curation, analytics, and a full suite of monetization points. Video content enabled by DistroScale reaches more than 250 million visitors per month.

Todd Hammill, CEO of Wired2fish commented, “We’re purposeful about placing Wired2fishTV on aggressively growing platforms like DistroTV because we are always interested in aligning our brand with cutting-edge technologies. DistroTV and its holistic approach to the streaming market is an ideal place for Wired2fishTV to live.”

To watch Wired2fishTV, simply download the DistroTV app from Roku, firetv or AppleTV, open it and navigate to the channel guide. Scroll to find Wired2fishTV, choose it, and enjoy outstanding fishing content from some of the best anglers in the United States.


For more information on Wired2fish, contact Mike Thomas (307) 340-0022 or Leaha Thomas (971) 322-7548 at BOLT Strategies.

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