Do-It Announces New CNC Version of Katana Kraw Mold

Denver, Iowa – Do-It Molds, the global leader in custom tackle is releasing a new CNC version of its tremendously popular Katana Kraw soft plastic mold.

The original Katana Kraw was released at ICAST 2022 and quickly became a custom tackle favorite. An incredibly detailed finesse craw presentation with the ultra-realistic action, this mold is designed for the custom tackle creator who demands realism without sacrificing action. The action comes from a carefully designed ribbing on the claws that traps air bubbles producing a life-like stand-up presentation. Drag it, crack it, hop it, it doesn’t matter, this bait will slowly rise to a stand-up position triggering a bass’s instinct to attack and devour. The Katana Kraw’s finesse ribbon tails provide it with a subtle secondary action on even the slowest drag or twitch of the rod. Finally, it’s two body appendages twitch as it makes bottom contact, giving this bait tertiary action that mimics a fleeing craw. Every single detail of this bait work in sync to trigger strikes.


The new CNC version of the Katana Kraw mold is part of the Do-It Precision Series of Molds and is made of CNC machined billet aluminum. It is a single cavity mold and produces an incredibly detailed and high gloss presentation with endless customization possibilities.

“With the incredible response to the original 3″ Katana Kraw sand cast mold, we knew right away that the custom tackle community would be eager to see this mold available in a CNC version for higher end bait builds.” – Brennan Chapman (Product Development)

The New CNC Katana Kraw mold will be immediately available for purchase at and coming soon to custom tackle retailers everywhere.

MSRP = $160

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