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Do-It Molds Introduces 5 NEW Crank Blank Profiles

Denver, Iowa – Do-It Molds has introduced 5 new hard bait blank profiles to their Crank Blanks line for custom lure painting enthusiasts.

Do-It’s “Crank Blanks” are high quality un-painted hard baits that serve as the blank canvas for the discerning fisherman with an artistic eye. New profiles include: The Pro Walker 120 4/5oz, 5DD Diver 5/8oz, Big Eye Shad Lipless 1/2oz, Flat Sided Circuit Board Lip 1/2oz, and Semi-Flat Side Coffin Bill 7/16oz.

“We continue to work with our customers and lure painters to identify profiles to add to the line-up. We offer some incredibly popular lure styles, and we will keep adding options based on the team’s feedback” – Brennan Chapman (Product Development)

Crank Blanks are now available in 31 profiles from topwater to jerkbaits, square-bills, deep divers, lipless cranks, hollow body frogs, and even a jointed swimbait for the big-bait enthusiast.  These baits are manufactured of the highest quality processes and feature sanded waterproof welded seams for flawless performance.  No time wasted trimming mold flash, worrying about hardware coming loose, or leakers.

Crank Blanks are also the first blanks available in the market to come “pre-masked”.  No more time wasted applying masking tape to the clear lips to keep over-spray off them.  After the baits are painted and clear coated, simply remove the factory plastic mask and add custom components also available at Do-It.

No longer do anglers have to “make-do” with the colors and components produced by lure manufactures.

All profiles of Crank Blanks are sold in 5-packs and new lure designs will continue to be available in the future at

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