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Dropshot Strategies And Tactics

Some fishermen say they heard about it in the mid-’90s, while others admit it was the late 90s. Whatever the answer, dropshot fishing has changed the bass finesse game ever since. I can remember my first time seeing Shin Fukae fishing a dropshot in an FLW event. Unfortunately, he did not win but finished in the top 10. That was my first glimpse of this new technique called dropshot, and little did I know it would soon become a dominating force in finesse.

At first, it was a slow start for this new tactic to gain traction until Aaron Martens took it under his wing. It was Aaron that put dropshot fishing on the map here in the US and made it into the force it is today. Aaron passed away well before his time, but he has left his undeniable mark on finesse fishing forever.

What Has Changed Through The Years

There have been changes in the dropshot world that have changed how we dropshot today. The most significant factor was introducing braided line in dropshot fishing, and you can again credit Aaron for this. When dropshot fishing started, it was noted as a cold-water tactic. When the bass were sitting schooled in deeper water, a dropshot was a viable way to keep your bait in front of bass to trigger strikes.

Line choice in the initial stage of dropshot fishing was monofilament. Then a few years later, fluorocarbon started to take hold and became the line many preferred. It was not long after that Aaron chose braid as his main dropshot line. It was one of the first turning points that started to mold dropshot fishing into what it is today.

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