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Eagle Claw Trokar to Continue Sponsorship of Collegiate Bass Fishing Series

San Antonio, TX – Eagle Claw Trokar and the Association of Collegiate Anglers are proud to announce their continued partnership with the Collegiate Bass Fishing Series for the 2023 season. The partnership will include extensive promotion of the complete lineup of Eagle Claw Trokar products, as well as continued support of collegiate anglers.

“We love supporting all anglers, but especially younger generations of anglers and are thankful to the Association of Collegiate Anglers for the opportunity to be of service,” said Chad Hamilton, Marketing Manager at Eagle Claw.

Made in America, Eagle Claw Trokar hooks have redefined quality in terminal tackle. Trokar’s patented triple sided hook point, a feature modeled after precision surgical instruments, ensures faster, deeper hook penetration with less required pressure for hookset. Having achieved the sharpest hook point on the market with Trokar, Eagle Claw has continued efforts to improve its offering to anglers through its core hook brands: Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, and Trokar. The result — a series of hook brands poised to support anglers through every step of their fishing journey.

“The Association of Collegiate Anglers is excited for this continued partnership with Eagle Claw Trokar and the 2023 season,” said Kyle Curry, ACA Managing Director. “Fishing hooks are one of the most essential items anglers use to catch fish, and Eagle Claw Trokar makes some of the sharpest fish hooks on the market today.”

Hooks come in all different shapes, sizes, and applications. Eagle Claw has you covered in all scenarios, no matter what bait you’re throwing. From treble hooks to finesse hooks, from first time anglers to elite competitors, Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, and Trokar offer hooks to fit all situations.

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