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Early Season Tube Tactics For Bass

During the spring, two things go together: bass hitting the shallows and a tube bait. It all started many years ago when the Garland brothers released the first tube bait, the Gitzit. After that, the tube vaulted to become a staple for all bass fishermen every spring. So when fishing early in the season for bass, you need to have a tube tied on the end of your line and ready to go.

Let’s look at tube fishing tactics for early Springtime bass and give you a few pointers on how you can successfully put more bass in your boat.

Looking at the tube, it has stayed the same for many years. Over time, some bait companies have tried to dress it up a little, but the tube itself has not changed. That alone is a testament to how well a tube works and catches bass. However, one thing has changed through these years: how we are rigging and presenting tubes.

The first tube came in a package of 4 equipped with a jig head inserted inside the tube. What made the tube bait such a success when the bass were spawning was how it would circle in the water above the bass as it was falling. This action drove the bass crazy because most other baits fall out of sight and don’t challenge the bass on a free fall. But the tube stays the course many times, making the bass come up to defend the nest on which they were sitting.

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