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El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Salmon

When we discuss the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (“ENSO” for short) at the blog, we often take a rather human or physics-y view of the climate phenomenon. We’ve published loads of articles discussing the mechanics for how ENSO works in the atmosphere and the ocean, and how ENSO impacts humans from droughts and wildfires to floods. (Seriously, check out this index page covering all the ENSO blog posts to date.) But there is more to ENSO than physics and humans! Blasphemy, I know.

Because, from the very beginning, ENSO has been a tale about marine life impacts. You simply cannot tell the story of El Niño, for instance, without mentioning its impacts on the anchovy fishery off the coast of Peru or across the ecologically rich Galapagos Islands, a story we covered here.

If ENSO can affect climate patterns thousands of miles away from the central/eastern equatorial Pacific… why can’t it also affect marine life within that distance? Specifically, might it affect one of the poster fish of the North Pacific, the salmon? Short answer: it does! And luckily for you, reader, the long answer involves this Q&A with ENSO expert Dr. Nate Mantua on all things ENSO + Salmon.

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