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LIVETARGET Sets New Standards in Frog Fishing

The strike from a bass engages the angler with many rewarding experiences, from the satisfying thump of a jig bite to the thrill of a sub-surface spinnerbait disappearing in a sudden flash. However, few would argue the most anticipated and memorable “bite” in bass fishing results from the explosion of a bass beneath a topwater frog. The blowups are commonly reminiscent of scenes from “Shark Week” with the angler willing to wait hours between frog bites for that next topwater “fix”.

Fall is an excellent time to throw a frog, as cooling water temps have bass more active before the onset of the cold weather months; and, if there’s one feature to focus on when looking for the fall frog bite, it’s the extreme back of ultra-shallow pockets. This shallow water bite begins in late summer and lasts until the harsh cold fronts push the bass and forage into deeper winter confines.

These pockets are often non-descript little indentions that may be located right off the main lake or in the backs of larger creeks. The depth is typically 2’ of water or less with no discernable deep water channel leading into the area. Scattered stickups or vegetation located within these areas are important, as bass will ambush bluegill, pods of shad, and even the occasional dragonfly that happens too close to the water’s surface.

Successful frogging is rarely a “one size fits all” approach, requiring a variety of frogs to provide different techniques and surface actions for triggering that next bite. LIVETARGET offers one of the most robust selections in frog styles and colors and what follows is a primer on three of the most popular designs and their application.

Hollow Body Walking Frog

If there’s a “meat and potato” type of frog, this is it. The ability to drag a weedless frog over thick mats, walk it through the gnarliest wood cover, or skip it under overhanging limbs makes it uniquely weedless among surface lures for bass. 

Bright sun is a real attribute for shallow froggin’, as bass position among any available cover in these shallow pockets to ambush forage trapped in the narrow confines of these tight quarters. The extreme weedless design of the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog and the ease of the walk-the-dog action are an ideal combination for drawing bass out of the shallow cover.

If there’s been a consistent knock on this style of frog over the years, it’s been from the low landing percentages on blowups at the end of a long cast, and improving that metric with a frog boils down to design. The soft body construct of the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog is critical by allowing the material to collapse out of the way of the precisely angled hook points.  While the soft body is noticeable immediately upon inspection out of the package, the subtle angle of the forged custom double hooks is less noticeable, but no less important, resulting in the ideal placement of both hooks in the top of the bass’ mouth as they’re lifted from the water.

The Hollow Body Frog is available in three sizes: 1 ¾”, 2 ¼”, and 2 ⅝”.  While the 2 ¼ size may be considered an “all-purpose” size, the smaller 1 ¾ frog is perfect when small forage is observed in the shallows or bass aren’t fully committing to the larger sizes. The larger 2 ⅝ is great when casting a bigger shadow over matted surface vegetation or simply big game hunting in the shallows.


Hollow Body Frog Popper

Sometimes the bass respond to a walking action and sometimes they prefer the added commotion of a popper. The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog Popper offers both actions with tons of versatility.

The popping action is perfect for mimicking fleeing baitfish, often noted as the angler maneuvers into these extremely shallow pockets. Additionally, the spitting and popping action can assist the bass in finding the lure when there’s a slight chop on the water.

The concave mouth of the Hollow Body Frog Popper is molded seamlessly with the soft body material to provide a uniform offering that walks, splashes, and pops when bass need that little added incentive to attack the frog.  

Available in two sizes: 2” and 2 1/2 “ models and a wide assortment of proven colors, the Hollow Body Frog Popper is a must-have design to add to your arsenal.



Ultimate Frog Stride Bait

Lastly, consider adding extreme realism to your frog rotation with the LIVETARGET Ultimate Frog Stride Bait. While other frog styles may imitate a wide range of struggling forage, the realistic legs and swimming motion of the Ultimate Frog Stride Bait leaves no doubt about its frog imitation game to the bass.

The Ultimate Frog Stride Bait is a versatile frog offering that mimics the natural motion of a swimming frog, as well as a frog urgently fleeing for shore. When twitched or pulled, the anatomically correct legs hinge at the hips and extend as a fleeing frog on the surface. While at rest, the legs coil back to return behind the lure.


Livetarget Ultimate Frog Stride Bait

Cadence can be key to enticing strikes from bass, with long pulls of the rod tip providing the natural, casual swimming motion while quick, shorter twitches give the lure a more frantic action of a frog desperately trying to reach the shore.

The exposed single hook at the top of the bait offers excellent hookups when pulled among scattered vegetation, lily pads, reed clumps, and boat docks.

When going natural is required to fool the bass, this is the frog for the job.

Offered in two sizes: 2” and 2 ½” lengths.

Fall is the last shot for an angler to make memories with explosive blowups in the shallows before the onset of winter. Enjoy it while you can!

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