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Enhancing Your Eyes In The Water: See How Humminbird® Upgraded MEGA Live Imaging® 

Humminbird® carved out its space in the fishing industry a long time ago, innovating sonar for every angler with groundbreaking technologies like Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar, MEGA Down Imaging®, MEGA Side Imaging® and MEGA 360 Imaging®. It’s why the fishing electronics leader is trusted for unparalleled looks at what lies below. With recent updates to MEGA Live Imaging®, its forward-facing sonar is taking a leap forward.

Building on Humminbird’s hallmark clarity, the latest version of MEGA Live features improved bait presentation and reduced noise. Anglers get a real-time look under the water as they read and react to their target in any of three viewing modes: down, forward and landscape. MEGA Live with the latest software updates is available to purchase for first-time users or as a free software update for anglers who already own it.

Now anglers can get a live look in the water but with a view customized to their exact specifications. With a slew of settings like contrast, sensitivity, range and color palettes, MEGA Live can be easily adjusted by casual anglers and avid ones, like Mark Zona. The host of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show on the Outdoor Channel is a passionate MEGA Live user and shared his personal sonar settings in a recent video

Look at these actual screen captures to see how MEGA Live Imaging’s updates improve forward-facing sonar from Humminbird.

ML CrappieInBrush

Dial in Details with Reduced Noise

Structure is where you want to strike. With reduced noise in the upgraded MEGA Live, it’s now easier to parse between static structure and moving targets. This screen shows fish moving through a brush pile 5-10 feet in front of the boat at a depth of 20 feet.

ML Catfish

Separate Gamefish from Baitfish

The improved clarity of MEGA Live helps you decipher what’s on your fish finder. This screen captured in down mode shows a huge catfish swimming directly beneath the boat while smaller baitfish dot the screen.

ML 2BassFighting

See Your Catch from Start to Finish 

After you cast, keep your eyes glued to the screen and watch how fish react with MEGA Live’s improved bait tracking. Here, you see two bass fighting over a lure 40 feet in front of the boat and then following it back as the angler reels it in closer to the bow.

ML Tree

Watch the Water Column with Edge-to-Edge Clarity

With MEGA Live, you can get a steady view of the entire water column. Just look beneath this boat, where the beam (in down mode) extends 10 feet to either side and 15 feet down to a sunken tree. One of the crappies suspended in the water takes the lure and is reeled to the surface.

How to Get the Most out of MEGA Live

Forward-facing sonar is an important tool for getting more fish in the boat, but it’s even more dangerous when combined with other technologies and equipment. 


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