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Epic Baits: Become Resolute About Your Fishing

Lean on Epic Baits to Fill More Limits in 2024

We all do it moments after that big ball drops and we ring in the new year. Sadly, the majority of our New Year resolutions are doomed to failure for any number of reasons. For 2024, why not make this year’s resolution one you’ll have fun keeping? This year, promise to put more fish in the boat by ratcheting your bass game up a notch or two.

The owners of Epic Baits Fishing are two of the most bass-crazy anglers around. They started The Lone Star State-based company with the express purpose of imagining, then designing and building the best baits and terminal tackle available. Since their start, they’ve had some of the best professional bass anglers like Dean Rojas, Jason Williamson, Scott Suggs, Scott Canterbury, Wesley Strader, Bobbly Lane, Brad Whatley, and Matt Becker fishing and winning with their gear. While Epic is known industry-wide for its robust line of best-in-class tungsten, they also produce some of the finest spinnerbaits, jigs, underspins, buzz baits and terminal tackle.

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When it comes to flash baits, Epic Baits builds the finest. Their Epic Buzz Bait Burner ($8.99), Epic Underspins ($7.99) and Epic Spinnerbaits ($5.99) have no equal. All three have proprietary, 3-dimensional heads with strike-triggering profiles and unique actions. Each carry industry-leading, razor-sharp Gamakatsu hooks guaranteed to keep fish pinned no matter how nasty they turn. Stainless, ball-bearing swivels keep blades turning tightly no matter how slow your roll (spinnerbait and underspin). The hand-tied silicone skirts on Epic Buzz Baits and Spinnerbaits stay supple while offering salacious action. Both baits combine top-shelf stainless wire forms and polished blades to produce unparalleled vibration and flash.

Of late, the swing head has burst onto the bass scene and is credited with some incredible tournament bags. The Epic Bright Eye Swing Head($6.99), with its flat bottom design and uniquely angled hook keeper, simply catches more fish than other comparable swing heads. The deep-set, eerie 3-D eyes offer a bit of flash and a degree of realism ― just enough to coax finicky fish into committing.

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Epic also offers great terminal tackle perfect for Carolina rigging for instance. It’s a fact: Carolina rigs catch fish when other baits won’t draw the slightest sniff. Rigging the perfect C-Rig requires quality components to maximize its effectiveness. Epic Beads are some of the loudest in the industry. Their clacking calls fish from extended distances to the bait, while Epic’s Tungsten Barrel Weights (from $6.99) complete the C-Rig.

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Epic also offers the most complete line of jigs. Epic Jigs all carry Gamakatsu hooks, computer-modeled heads and hand tied silicone skirts. They are available in a dizzying array of styles, shapes and sizes. Tournament Grade Swim Jigs ($6.49), Finesse Jigs ($5.99), Compact Swim Jigs ($5.99), Tournament Grade Football Jigs ($6.99), Grass Punch Jigs ($5.99) and Football Jigs ($5.99) are all available from Epic Baits.

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And of course, as every serious bass fisherman knows, Epic offers the finest Tungsten Worm Weights (from $5.49) available. Epic tungsten comes in a variety of popular sizes and hard-to-find colors like red, June bug, black/blue and green pumpkin. And the good news is they are offered at ridiculously low pricing including their extremely popular Tungsten Flipping Weights (from $6.99). All Epic tungsten finishes are nearly bulletproof, resisting wear, unlike cheaper tungsten weights.

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