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Exceptional Fish Attack LIVETARGET Lures

Exceptional predators grow to extraordinary proportions by being skeptical. An artificial lure must look, sound, and act right if it is to pass the test, fooling superlative gamefish and helping savvy anglers create lifelong memories. LIVETARGET lures – born in the wilds of Canada – check all of these boxes. By leveraging an unrivaled research and development process that strives to replicate the form and function of Nature’s forage library – including baitfish, amphibians, crustaceans, and even mammals  –  each LIVETARGET lure presents an exacting replica of the prey items that our adversaries chase, attack, and consume. If a bass, pike, or zander wants to kill it – there is a biomimetic LIVETARGET lure that savvy anglers can cast, troll, or jig to bring those predators to the net.

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Apex predators such as pike and zander have an insatiable appetite for finned forage, and LIVETARGET soft plastics – engineered with exclusive Injected Core Technology (ICT) – trigger bites from the oldest, wisest fish. Each of the three unique ICT lure varieties features a detailed Inner Core with incredible attention to the smallest anatomical details in both color and shape, encased within a clear Exo-Skin that protects the core and embodies the lure with irresistible biomimetic action. The LIVETARGET Slow-Roll Shiner is perhaps the perfect paddletail swimbait, coupling realistic action with an impeccable appearance. The Inner Core perfectly matches the appearance of a thin-profiled shiner minnow while the Exo-Skin generates a hard-thumping action that moves the whole body. The result is a lifelike lure that creates a subtle yet enticing rolling action. Rig the LIVETARGET Skip Shad for vertical jigging so that its wide, flat body rides horizontally in the water column. Expertly mimicking the profile, color, and action of a stunned and vulnerable baitfish, the Skip Shad presents an attractive target to walleye and zander lurking below. When the bite slows, present the split-tail LIVETARGET Twitch Minnow on a dropshot rig, where the subtle action of the Exo-Skin can combine with the intense metallic flash of the detailed Inner Core to convert casual lookers into impulsive biters.

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Similar to their cousins on the western shores of the Atlantic, European black bass respond aggressively to LIVETARGET hard-bodies crankbaits and jerkbaits as well as meticulously-engineered hollow-body topwater lures. During the cold-water months, when bass roam deep weed beds and gather near sunken wood piles, the LIVETARGET Golden Shiner Rattlebait puts lethargic fish in the boat. This lure combines exceptional flash, a tight wobble, and a harmonic rattle to appeal directly to the curiosity and latent aggressive tendencies of winter predators. As bass invade skinny water in spring, the LIVETARGET Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait triggers both actively feeding bass as well as those that are recovering from the rigors of the spawn.  When vegetation fills in the shallows during the warm summer months, cast a LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog or Hollow Body Sunfish into the thickest slop – and hold on tight. These dynamic topwater lures feature a custom double hook that delivers high hook-up ratios and weedless designs that make them ideal for use in heavy vegetation.

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The fishing industry’s undeniable leader in crafting baits that expertly mimic the profiles, sizes, colors, and actions of Nature’s prey library, LIVETARGET lures are deadly on black bass, pike, and zander wherever they swim. Rely on LIVETARGET to deliver exceptional fish to the net.

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