Exciting New Saltwater Reels and Rods from Shimano

A tireless pursuit for perfection, Shimano engineers superior tackle for inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing, helping anglers catch more and bigger fish on every trip. At ICAST 2021, Shimano unveils new reels and rods designed to excel under every circumstance and exceed anglers’ highest expectations.



Spheros SW reels

The jack of all trades in the saltwater realm, Shimano redesigned the Spheros SW series of saltwater spinning reels to conquer both offshore and inshore waters. Now featuring Shimano’s flagship Infinity Drive technology to improve pinion gear support and enhance the overall drive gear design, Spheros SW provides anglers with increased winding power under load when cranking against hard-fighting game fish. Wielding both X-Protect and X-Shield for improved water resistance for increased durability in the harsh saltwater environment, Spheros SW fortifies an IPX8 water-resistant-rated body for dependable performance. Now available in seven different sizes, the new 14000 and 18000 sizes span the gap between 10000 and 20000 models for a broader range of applications within the Spheros SW series of reels. From jigging for groupers or amberjacks, to tossing lures at cobia and football-size bluefin tuna, or free-lining live bait to snook or striped bass, the Spheros SW series will provide dependable performance for anglers targeting prized game fish. The seven reels in the Spheros lineup have an MSRP of $139.99 to $199.99.



Sustain FJ reels

Shimano engineered the new Shimano Sustain FJ family of spinning reels to be strong, sensitive, and ready to rise to any inshore challenge. One of the strongest in the MagnumLite series of spinning reels, the Sustain features a redesigned MagnumLite (MGL) Rotor for light startup rotation and faster hooksets with increased sensitivity. An Aluminum HAGANE Body reduces reel flex when winding against hard-fighting game fish and translates angler effort directly into cranking power. Lighter than its predecessor,  Sustain now features Long Stroke Spool to enhance casting distance. MicroModule II gearing combined with Shimano’s HAGANE Gear and SilentDrive technologies provide anglers with smooth reeling performance. Sure to turn heads and incite envy from other anglers, Sustain delivers the sensitivity and quick hook-setting performance needed to fight and land fish in the heaviest of cover. The Sustain is available in four sizes from 2500 to 5000 with an MSRP of $299.99 to $309.99.



Terez BW rods

Shimano engineered the flagship Terez BW family of offshore rods with guidance from tournament-winning captains to perform at the highest level. The comprehensive lineup includes seven series of rods built to conquer any offshore species with models specifically designed for high-speed trolling, slow trolling, deep-dropping, swordfishing, bottom fishing, or live-bait fishing. Shimano constructed the Terez BW blanks utilizing premium rod technologies — Hi-Power X, Spiral X and UD Glass blank construction — to create the best-in-class durability and feel for the offshore environment. This combination of rod technologies increases the structural rigidity of the rods so that they remain true under load while enabling anglers to efficiently transfer power through the blank for improved performance when targeting hard-fighting game fish. The Terez BW series features premium componentry with Winthrop, Fuji and Aftco guides for battle-tested performance. Slick Butt models incorporate Fuji DPS-H reel seats while Uni-Butt models are sold as blade-only, allowing anglers to customize each rod to meet their personal preferences. The complete Shimano Terez BW series includes 24 rods with an MSRP of $449.99 to $849.99.



Teramar NE rods

Shimano designed the Teramar NE series of spinning and casting rods specifically for the Northeast inshore and nearshore fisheries. Constructed using Shimano’s proven TC4 rod technology, Teramar NE rods provide exceptional weight, performance and strength to dominate the toughest of battles. From tip to butt, Shimano tailored every aspect of the Teramar NE rods to align with all of the prevalent fishing techniques of the Northeast for targeting popular game fish species. Teramar NE rods feature Seaguide guide trains, Fuji reel seats and refined EVA grips and handle configurations to enable anglers to comfortably fish all day with little fatigue when fighting hard-charging fish. The Teramar NE lineup includes six casting and six spinning models with an MSRP of $219.99 to $229.99.



Talavera Type J rods

Shimano engineered the Talavera Type J series of jigging rods for enhanced performance when targeting anything from bottom fish to pelagics with a jig. Designed to fish with a typical speed-jigging tempo, Talavera Type J rods load and unload quickly to provide the ideal flick of the jig as an angler works it through the water column. Compared to the Talavera Type Slow J blanks designed for a slower and more methodical presentation, Talavera Type J rods load faster and pitch the jig more aggressively. The Talavera Type J series of jigging rods feature powers from Light to Medium-Heavy to provide anglers with the confidence needed to land their next big fish. The four casting and four spinning rods in the Shimano Talavera Type J series have an MSRP of $119.99.



Talavera Type Slow J rods

Shimano engineered the Talavera Type Slow J series of jigging rods to excel with an innovative slow-jigging presentation. Designed to fish with a slower and more methodical tempo, the parabolic shape of Talavera Type Slow J rods enable the blank to load and unload to provide the eloquent presentation desired when targeting trophy fish with a slow-pitch jig. The Talavera Type Slow J series of jigging rods feature powers from Light to Medium-Heavy that provide anglers with the confidence needed to land their next big fish. The Shimano Talavera Type Slow J series includes three casting models with an MSRP of $119.99.

Learn more about all of the new products from Shimano, G. Loomis and PowerPro by visiting booths 2200 and 2500 at ICAST 2021 in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to seeing you there!

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