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Fantastic Fishing in the Fall

Labor Day weekend indicates to some people that summer is over and to other people that fall is starting. Some anglers look upon Labor Day weekend as the end of the fishing season, but to other anglers it signals the start of the best fishing season of the year. I like to fish during all the seasons, but the fall season is one that I truly look forward to for fishing.

The first reason that fall is my favorite season. It’s a very nice time to be outside. The colorful trees in early autumn make this season special, and the opportunity to see more wildlife adds to that. Waterfowl are migrating and fewer leaves on the trees later in the season make it easier to see deer and other wildlife. And there are fewer anglers on the water, so you’re often not sharing the best spots.

But probably the reason why fall is my favorite season for fishing is because the fish are hungry, which makes them easier to catch. Also, autumn is when the odds for catching truly trophy-sized fish are best. Fish instinctively know that now is the time when they need to fatten up for winter, and fish that are fattening up are easier to catch.

If you’re after a truly big fish, you need to be on big fish water. Some bodies of water have a reputation for big fish, others have a reputation for numbers of smaller fish. The deeper, clearer lakes will usually produce the biggest fish. Do some homework to determine which lakes have a history of producing big fish of the species that you’re after.

Mike Frisch is a fishing guide and television show host, and in the fall if he isn’t guiding or making fishing shows, he’ll probably be on the water fishing for fun. Mike suggests very strongly that, in the fall, if you want to increase your chances for a really big fish, use larger baits. In the fall, big fish eat big baits. They would rather eat one big meal than several small ones.

If you’re after walleyes, Frisch suggests a jig tipped with one of the larger Rage Swimmers. This set up has been gaining in popularity among walleye anglers. Work it along weedlines or at night in areas of current.

If largemouth bass are your preference, try a rubber-legged jig and, again, add a bulky piece of plastic. Something like a Rage Bug in the four-inch size is a favorite. Weedlines are where largemouth can be found in the fall. In fact, the deep weedline is home to lots of different species of fish in the autumn months.

For smallmouth bass, go with a dropshot rig worked with a KVD Drop Shot Shell or Dream Shot. Deeper areas with rocks and gravel are where you’ll find the smallmouth, and when you find one, there are almost always others nearby.

When you get the chance to go fishing in the fall, take advantage of it. As the season progresses, the chance for a trophy fish gets better. The only way you’re going to get that trophy is if you’re on the water. If you’re on a good spot on a good lake, make sure that your fishing partner is good with a landing net. Odds are good that you’ll need it.

– Bob Jensen of

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