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Find More Fish With Humminbird’s APEX™ Series

Serious anglers know the importance of a top-tier fish finder to help them turn their talents into trophy wins on the water. And that requires more than just sharp optics — but the ability to dial in the right settings, views and interactive tools to gather loads of intel and make a smarter plan of attack.

It’s hard to find anything that tops the APEX™ Series from Humminbird — the pinnacle of their fish finder line — combining the best sonar, imaging, mapping and networking on the best screens anglers have ever seen. It’s one piece of technology offering a myriad of possibility.


Durability Meets Unrivaled Clarity

Tough enough for saltwater, yet razor sharp in freshwater, APEX is compatible with Humminbird’s best imaging technologies: Full-circle scans from MEGA 360 Imaging®. The real-time picture of MEGA Live Imaging®. The eye-popping detail of both MEGA Side Imaging® and MEGA Down Imaging®, looking left, right and down for fish, depth and structure. All displayed on a full-HD screen.

APEX’s elite sonar and imaging suite — combined with its crystal clarity and resolution — has drawn a lot of interest from the most demanding freshwater anglers, including pros like Bryan Thrift to help him claim the 2023 Major League Fishing REDCREST Championship.

Each APEX provides a full-HD picture in a sleek, low-profile screen available in three sizes (19”, 16” or 13”). Every unit features Humminbird’s Cross Touch® display, giving anglers the ease of a touchscreen with the stability of physical buttons (very helpful in heavy chop and other harsh conditions). Networking multiple APEX units together with transducers, sensors, a trolling motor and other marine electronics is simple, thanks to dual Ethernet ports, Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar support and HDMI in/out ports.

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Pick and Choose Viewing Panes

Coming in Humminbird’s largest screen sizes, APEX units provide plenty of real estate to bring multiple mapping and sonar images into one view. Best of all, anglers can arrange the screen to fit their style and fishing scenario. Templates range from one to four panes and can be customized to display mapping or sonar returns.

APEX TouchScreen 1200x680
Find More Fish With Humminbird’s APEX™ Series 1

Tap the Screen to Set Waypoints

Once the view is set to personal preference, anglers can start to find and save the spots where they like to fish. With APEX’s Cross Touch display, anglers have two ways to mark a waypoint: pressing and holding on the screen’s map or sonar return, or tapping the dedicated physical button. Prized fishing spots can also be backed up on an SD card with APEX’s waypoint export feature for added peace of mind — or to share spots with others.

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Find More Fish With Humminbird’s APEX™ Series 2

Scout the Water with Precision

To help freshwater anglers navigate and dominate anywhere, APEX offers access to premium Lakemaster® Charts with VX technology. This exceptional add-on delivers the best mapping performance on over 1500 lakes, including customizable color palettes and precise 1-foot HD contour options to further hone navigation.

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Find More Fish With Humminbird’s APEX™ Series 3

Made for Minn Kota®

Humminbird APEX models seamlessly integrate and communicate with select Minn Kota® trolling motors, the most trusted boat control products in fishing. From the APEX unit, anglers can engage Spot-Lock®, stow or deploy select motors and use advanced navigation features — as well as control Minn Kota shallow water anchors and other Minn Kota products. It’s a match made on water.

APEX brings your best freshwater fishing into clear view. Its proven performance has shown time and time again: Everyone else is just fishing for second.

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