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Fish Monkey – The Best Fishing Gloves For Spring Saltwater Fishing

Fish Monkey

No matter if you’re chasing stripers in the Northeast, trout in the Carolinas, reds in Georgia or Louisiana or tarpon in Florida, spring means saltwater and it’s game on for a very wide variety of species throughout the coastal regions of the United States. Be ready for the action with a good pair of fishing gloves from Fish Monkey. 

One of the finest gloves on the water today is the Pro 365 Guide glove. Designed with input from professional fishing guides and captains, this one has exposed fingertips for tackle management while still offering a host of other benefits: UPF 50-plus sun protection, quick-drying fabrics and a second skin fit for all day comfort, padding on the thumbs, index fingers and heel of the hands to prevent line cuts, and a non-slip silicone palm for superior grip, wet or dry. No wonder it’s the top choice for pros around the world. New for spring 2024 is a cool new Old School Camo pattern in three different colors. 

Another popular glove for spring saltwater fishing is the Freestyle. This one is designed to allow you to customize the glove by removing any fingertips you’d like, without the glove fraying around the cuts. It was specifically designed for slow-pitch jigging, to help reduce hand fatigue as you work a heavy jig on a light rod through the depths for trophy gamefish. This glove also excels at bow fishing and also leadering small to medium fish as well. As with other Fish Monkey products, it has UPF 50-plus sun protection, a non-slip silicone palm for superior grip and special pads on the thumbs, index fingers and heel of the hands to help prevent cuts from braided line. 

Fish Monkey offers a premium selection of gloves, face guards, hats, socks and more, all of which are specifically designed for the passionate outdoor enthusiast—the highest-quality gear to meet the demands of your fishing and hunting customers. The company’s commitment to excellence ensures they create durable, reliable, and effective products that will ensure your customers are safer, more comfortable, and more focused during their outdoor pursuits. To experience the Fish Monkey difference that elevates the outdoor experience of your customers to new heights, click here.

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