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Fish On Any Front With Minn Kota’s New And Upgraded Motors

Different modes for different folks. That’s the theme of this year’s new and upgraded Minn Kota® bow-mount trolling motors. The marine electronics leader focused their energy on the angler experience, adding more fishable features up and down the lineup. Every angler – from saltwater captains to northern anglers – will find a Minn Kota that fits their style.

So what changed? Advanced GPS navigation tops the list, opening the whole playbook for anglers from the uncanny accuracy of the Spot-Lock® GPS anchor to two new modes and a major improvement to an old favorite.

Then there’s the all-new QUEST™ Series. These brushless motors are made for anglers who fish hard from dawn to dusk, with 30% longer battery run time, added thrust and 50% more torque (compared to a 24-volt brushed motor when run on 24 volts at the maximum speed setting).

Plus, Minn Kota’s new motors offer even easier integration with Humminbird® sonar. All-new and upgraded freshwater motors have a built-in sonar transducer, and all motors (including saltwater models) come with the accessories needed to connect a Humminbird fish finder to their motor. 

These redesigned motors are more powerful, precise and purpose-built for the anglers who inspired them. Pick a fishery, and Minn Kota has made the perfect motor to get on fish.

02 FWS BowMount

Built to Help Bass Anglers Dominate

Competitive bass anglers want to dominate all day with torque to push through tough spots, responsive controls for outmaneuvering fish and power that lasts from sunup to sundown. And if there’s one motor synonymous with that style, it’s Ultrex™.

Minn Kota made their premier motor into a bass anglers’ dream machine, and the newly upgraded version furthers its trademark electric power steering and precision control with an improved foot pedal. It has a dedicated Spot-Lock button and a new programmable One-Boat Network® button, which lets bass anglers put their favorite functions just a toe tap away. 

For extra power and precision, there’s Ultrex QUEST. Minn Kota reengineered the brushless QUEST Series from the ground up with sturdier hardware, a carbon fiber-infused shaft, longer run time and greater torque. Ultrex QUEST is the total package for bass anglers who want to fish hard with a motor they can push to the limit.

03 FWN BowMount

Keeping Northern Anglers in Their Element

Durability is king up north. Anglers who fish in deeper, rockier freshwater lakes and colder temperatures want motors built to handle the harshest conditions. That’s where Ulterra® and Terrova® come in. The new and upgraded motors are hardy (especially the available QUEST editions) but heady too with the all-new advanced GPS navigation modes.

The all-new Drift Mode is perfect for northern anglers trolling for walleye or drifting to fish a path. Think of it as an invisible GPS drift sock, calibrating to maintain the angler’s desired drift speed and direction while combating conditions that threaten to knock their boat off course. See how fishing legend Kevin VanDam uses Drift through the One-Boat Network App while fishing for smallmouth on Lake St. Clair.

If stumps, roots or rocks get in the way, the new Dodge Mode gives anglers a quick option for avoiding obstacles without upsetting their current GPS mode. It allows the angler to temporarily turn off auto-navigation to manually steer, navigating through heavy chop or around an unforeseen obstacle, and then resume auto-navigation without resetting the route.

04 SWSE BowMount

Putting Inshore Anglers in the Perfect Position

Saltwater anglers focused on inshore fishing want the full complement of boat control features when they’re pursuing redfish and tarpon in coastal waters. Tussling with a bull red or silver king takes all of an angler’s energy, so Minn Kota engineered its saltwater motors – the all-new Riptide Instinct™ QUEST and Riptide Terrova – to take the reins. Advanced GPS navigation shines again, helping the angler hold their position with Spot-Lock or using Minn Kota’s improved Follow Mode (synced with Humminbird CoastMaster® maps) to troll along underwater ridgelines or other depth contours as they prowl for fish.

Both motors also offer easy deployment. Riptide Instinct is the only saltwater trolling motor with push-button Auto Stow/Deploy. With one click, the motor deploys or stows itself, leaving anglers free to cast or drive the boat. Meanwhile, Riptide Terrova provides a lever release and fall-away ramps when deploying.

05 SWNE BowMount

A Bigger Presence for Fighting Bigger Fish

Anglers who venture further offshore or into deeper waters will still find their Minn Kota up to the task. The QUEST editions of Riptide Instinct and Riptide Terrova offer a 100-inch shaft made with carbon fiber, giving anglers an uncompromising hold in open water. Each motor has fortified components and a reinforced mount to hold up to the rigors of rougher water while anglers reel in tuna, striper or any other prized catch.

06 Lineup BowMount

Mount Your Attack

Minn Kota’s updated lineup has a motor for every angler. Freshwater anglers can choose between bass anglers’ favorite motor (Ultrex) or those favored by northern anglers (Ulterra, Terrova and PowerDrive™). Saltwater anglers can select from Riptide Instinct, Riptide Terrova or Riptide PowerDrive. Whatever they pick, the new and upgraded motors ensure anglers are free to focus on how they want to fish.

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