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Fishbrain Dissolves Direct E-Commerce Marketplace To Better Support In Store Experiences And Brand Partners

Fishbrain, the industry-leading fishing app with more than 15 million registered members, announced a change in their online tackle sales strategy. Fishbrain will cease direct tackle sales through the Fishbrain Marketplace, shifting their focus to collaborating with industry brands and retailers through their Points of Interest feature within the app itself.

The company is also adding a new dimension to their business with an innovative advertising platform allowing brands to connect with the enthusiastic fishing community through targeted advertisements. 


“One of the top goals at Fishbrain is to help grow sport fishing by improving new and avid anglers’ experiences on the water. By giving recommendations on the best gear possible and showing anglers the nearest retail store they can get that gear, our “Points of Interest” feature will help improve the community aspect of fishing both on the Fishbrain App and on the water.” Fishbrain CEO Tomas Bie said.

“Local knowledge is still one key to having a great day fishing. Fishbrain is facilitating that knowledge by showing you community sourced reviews on top tackle and the nearest retailer where you can get that gear the same day.”

About Fishbrain

Fishbrain is the world’s most popular mobile app and social platform for people who love fishing. With over 15 million registered users across the globe, the free-to-use app creates the best possible fishing experience by providing everyone – whether beginner or pro – with the tools, insights, support, and fishing gear to fully enjoy the world’s most popular hobby. The app’s interactive map helps anglers find hot new fishing spots and see what other people are catching, with what bait and where.

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