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Fishing the Midwest Joins Forces with G3 Boats/Yamaha Outboards

Fishing the Midwest, one of the Midwest’s longest-running and highest-rated fishing television shows, announced today that they have formed a partnership with G3 Boats/Yamaha Outboards.

Fishing the Midwest’s award-winning television series will feature Yamaha-powered G3 Boats in their 2022 television episodes and host Mike Frisch will use them for his guiding and other fishing as well!

“I had an opportunity to run a G3 Boat for a bit last summer and then again in fall and was really impressed!  The boats were smooth riding, handled rough water very well, and I stayed dry too,” said  Frisch recently.  “Not only was the hull performance impressive, but they have all the fishing features I need as well,” Frisch added.  “And, we ran Yamaha Outboards this past year for the first time and were really impressed with their performance and quality too.  When the opportunity to partner with G3 and Yamaha came about this fall, we jumped at it!”

“When Mike told me that he was going to be running aluminum G3 Boats next year, I remembered back to the early years of Fishing the Midwest,” said Bob Jensen, Fishing the Midwest’s founder  “We used boats that met our needs, but also appealed to families and casual anglers as well as the more accomplished anglers.  Aluminum boats certainly do that,” Jensen added.  “This past year, a lot of new anglers entered the scene, and aluminum boats will be perfect for them as well.  Aluminum provides all the attributes most anglers need and look for, and they’re much more practical on several levels.”

G3 Boats’ Marketing Manager Kelby Phelps said that partnering with Fishing the Midwest was an easy decision and the whole package was something they could get behind. “We are excited about our partnership with Fishing the Midwest. It is nice to have anglers that truly understand our approach to the fishing world. Mike and Bob make shows and content aimed towards every fisherman and that is exactly who G3 builds boats for,” said Phelps. “The hard work they put in to provide entertainment to their market paired with their School of Fish program, it was something that we could really get behind. We are looking forward to next season and our partnership with Fishing the Midwest”

G3 Boats, a Yamaha Boat Company, currently produces an array of fishing boats and pontoons. Since, Yamaha purchased the company in 1997, G3 has built a reputation for building quality products and providing outstanding customer service and value to each of their loyal customers.

Through a total team approach, their family of craftsmen, many of whom have been in the industry for decades, consistently produce boats with quality fit and finish, outstanding on-water performance, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction than any other aluminum boat line in the industry.

G3 Boats has received the highest level of industry Customer Satisfaction award for more consecutive years than any other aluminum boat manufacturer. As a Yamaha Marine company, you can trust that building quality product is a daily focus at G3 Boats.

When you consider buying a Mod-V bass boat, Bay Boat, Angler Deep-V, Gator Tough Jon, or SunCatcher pontoon, you have the satisfaction of knowing that their boat-builders, from the manufacturing floor to the management staff, are family boaters and fishermen, just like their customers.

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