FishLab Releases The Bio Blade Buzzbait For 2024

ONTARIO, Calif.: FishLab Tackle, a renowned company celebrated for its exceptional baits and lifelike swimming actions, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the Bio Blade Buzzbait. Crafted by the award-winning lure designer Bill Siemantel, the Bio Blade Buzzbait revolutionizes the fishing experience for anglers targeting bass, pike, and other topwater predators.

The4.5”Bio Blade Buzzbait offers anglers exceptional versatility with availability inan3/8 oz and ½ oz weight. This allows anglers to tailor their bait selection to suit their preferred fishing conditions and target species. The Bio Blade Buzzbait is also available in six classic and life like fish-catching colors.

One of the key highlights of the Bio Blade Buzzbait is its innovative two-piece blade design. This groundbreaking feature generates heightened action, clacking sounds, and double the classic buzzbait blade noise. By creating increased commotion and disturbance on the water’s surface, the Bio Blade Buzzbait effectively triggers aggressive strikes from even the most elusive fish. The Bio Blade Buzzbait also boasts a specialized head design that sets it apart from traditional buzzbaits. This specially engineered head is meticulously crafted to accommodate soft plastics without causing distortion or damage to the baits. Anglers can seamlessly integrate their favorite soft plastic lures with the Bio Blade Buzzbait, maximizing its effectiveness. The Bio Blade Buzzbait also features a high-quality BBK black nickel hook. This premium hook ensures excellent hooksets and increased durability, guaranteeing that every strike counts and every catch is secured.


“Get ready for the fishing experience of a lifetime! The new Bio Blade Buzzbait will get hungry fish exploding on the surface and create an adrenaline rush like no other,”stated Bill Siemantel of BBZ.” We take great pride in this bait, and I am certain that anglers will quickly embrace it as a favorite in their tackle boxes,”stated Mike Bennett, Product Manager at FishLab.

The Bio Blade Buzzbait will be available at the retail price of$8.99 and will be backed by a 1-year warranty. For moreinformation, please visit


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