Fishy Gifts!

It’s December and that means that the Christmas holiday and giving of gifts are on the minds of many.   Gift shopping for some folks can be challenging, but if there is an angler in your family or friend group that you shop for, there are lots of options.  Here are some ideas of the “fishy” variety that would make good Christmas presents.

A fishing lure

One of the best stocking stuffers that I know of is a fishing lure.  Obviously, there are lots and lots of options available in fishing lures, but if the angler in your life enjoys bass fishing then one of the new Tungsten Thunder Cricket Vibrating Swim Jigs would be a good choice.  This lure is a finesse-sized bladed jig with great action and comes in several great color patterns.  Most importantly, it’s simply a fish catcher as I have had very good catches of both largemouth and smallmouth bass on the bait.  Simply put, a Tungsten Thunder Cricket would most certainly put a smile on the gift receiver’s face on Christmas morning!

A fishing rod

Most anglers I know fish with multiple rods and are always in the mood to add another model to their collection.  For Christmas, an ice fishing rod makes for a gift that can be used immediately, while an open water rod is still a great choice if your angler favors that season.

For ice angling, Clam’s Scepter Rods are solid graphite, feature cork handles, and are super sensitive for feeling light bites.  Plus, they are available at a great price point.

If open water rods are the gift choice, I would recommend considering a Lew’s Speed Stick.   In addition to several bass models, Speed Sticks also come in a wide selection of rods designed for walleyes and panfish too.  These rods feature premium IM8 graphite blanks and cork handles and are lightweight and sensitive too.   Again, these rods are quality fish-catchers that come at great prices!

Transducer Holder

If the angler on your shopping list is someone worthy of a more expensive gift and that angler uses one of the new live sonar units that have become popular, then a Turret Transducer Holder is a good option.  The Turret attaches to the trolling motor, but acts independently of the trolling motor, steering via a foot control or remote control.  The Turret rotates 340 degrees meaning that, for example, a walleye angler running along a drop-off edge can scan ahead and to the sides of the boat to see fish while slowly moving down the drop-off.  Also, the Turret works great with a trolling motors’ spot-locking technology that holds the boat in one place while the angler uses the Turret independent of the trolling motor to look around the boat for fish.  Simply put, I have been using a Turret for two years now and have caught a lot more fish because of it.

If helping the angler in your life catch more fish sounds like a good holiday thought, consider giving them a “fishy” gift like the ones just described.    They will put a smile on the angler’s face on Christmas morning and another smile when they hit the ice or open water.

As always, consider including a youngster in your next outdoor adventure!

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