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Florida Legislative Session Closes, Bad Water Bill Does NOT Pass!

With the 2024 Florida State Legislative Session now officially concluded, we’re happy to report that the “Toxic Spill Bill” (SB 738/HB 789) did not make it through the process and poses a threat no more—consider it dead!

When the Senate version of this bad bill (SB 738) passed a floor vote on Feb. 29th, we sounded the alarm, warning you all of the ramifications of the bill and rallying action to stop the House version (HB 789) from moving any further.

In a nutshell, the bill would have protected big-time polluters and punished hard-working people, stripping legal rights from citizens who may have been harmed by pollution.

But YOU weren’t going to let the bill slide through.

You all made a splash on social media, you all made phone calls, and ultimately, you made sure that when Session closed earlier today, the House version had not even been heard on the floor, still buried in the stack of other misfit bills that would never see the light of day.

Thank you to all of you who shared our content about the bill, for everyone who called your Representatives, and for the strong efforts of our partner organizations who rallied their own hard-hitting opposition to the bill.

This bill was just a reminder of the vigilance that’s required during Legislative Session, so thank you for being ready to take action at a moment’s notice—you made a difference!

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