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Four More Lunkerhunt New Product Releases

Hive Versa Fish (Sprout Post)

lunkerhunt VersaFish

Bringing versatility and durability in a floating soft-plastic bait, the Hive Versa Fish has a natural minnow/shad profile to help you catch more fish using a wider range of techniques. The Versa Fish can be fished as a Neko rig, shakey head, soft jerkbait, bottom bounced on a round jig head, NED rigs, or bladed jigs.

The spade  tail of these durable lures will quiver and pulse with the slightest of movements in the water, just begging fish to bite. Made with the floating Ultra Durable Soft Plastic, this bait will stretch, bend, take a beating, and withstand those predators to keep you fishing longer without the need to replace the bait.

Hive Versa Worm (Sprout Post)

lunkerhunt VersaWorm

When one bait is able to transform into multiple iterations of itself, it quickly becomes a staple in any tackle box. The new Lunkerhunt Hive Versa Worm is that bait. Lunkerhunt’s Hive series baits are all made with floating U.D.S.P technology allowing the bait to become what you need it to be in any situation.

The Versa Worm can thrive with the Japanese influenced, Piku Piku style topwater finesse fishing. You can Texas rig the Versa Worm for a slow sinking, weedless presentation. Neko rig the lure and twitch the baot with a tail up presentation on bottom. This versatile bait excels in transforming itself to become your go-to lure on the water.

Swing Spoon (News Letter & Sprout Post)

lunkerhunt SwingSpoon

Fishing Spoons have been around for a long time and are a staple bait with no room for innovation…or so you might think. Think again: The new Lunkerhunt Swing Spoon combines the benefits of a Weedless Spoon with the attraction of a Spinner Bait. Apart from the great flash of the spinner blade, the Swing Spoon also has a unique side-to-side swinging action. It comes in 6 fish-catching colours, and can be customized with a soft plastic trailer (included) on the hook, as well as any other accessories to the eyelet on the bottom of the bait.

Hive Hover Shot

lunkerhunt HoverShot

Presentation is key to drop shot fishing, and the Lunkerhunt Hive Hover Shot is on
“the level”!  The Hive Hover Shot can be used as a dropshot bait and represents a Goby, Leech, or small baitfish while keeping a perfect horizontal presentation, to give a more natural presentation. Featuring a deep-ribbed body and spade-action tail, these lures are designed for fish to hold on to longer, allowing you to set the hook. Featuring Lunkerhunt’s U.D.S.P, these baits were specially formulated to be neutrally buoyant and last longer on your hook so that you can spend your time fishing instead of replacing them.

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