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Frenette Joins Elite Redfish Series Broadcast

Long time professional angler, guide and outdoor advocate Mike Frenette joins the tour to co-host portions of the live event and broadcast episodes. Mike’s experience and love for the sport of redfishing has kept him at the forefront of issues related to and affected by all things pertaining to the sport including habitat and conservation. Mike his sons Michael and Stephen along with wife Lori have operated the Redfish Lodge of Louisiana for over 25 years and hosted some of the biggest names in fishing. Names like Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Shaw Grigsby and others can be found at the “lodge” just about any time their schedules allow.

However, Mike doesn’t play favorites, just the opposite! Mike has made a living based on helping the aforementioned big names of fishing as well as newcomers to the sport realize the thrill of chasing and hooking into one of the golden red giants that has helped Mike and his family build a reputation specializing in these hard hitting and harder fighting species known as redfish. The Elite Redfish tournament and television Series is excited to have Mike, his experience and expertise on board and look forward to him and his insights helping take our show and the sport to the next level.

Redfish Lodge of Louisiana

frenette joins elite redfish league 03frenette joins elite redfish league 02Located in Southeast Louisiana, the heart of “Sportsman’s Paradise in a small community called “Venice” that thrives on fishing as well as oil and gas, is where you will find Capt. Mike Frenette’s “Redfish Lodge of Louisiana” where southern hospitality, the finest of Cajun cuisine, and the most Premier fishing that the continental United States has to offer. We pride ourselves in making your experience one you’ll remember for a lifetime!! Whether it’s our World Class fishing, or our first class cuisine, the Redfish Lodge is the destination for you.

Our lodge is planted where the vast deltas of the Mississippi River blend with the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico making Venice one of the best fisheries in the entire world. Venice is located on the final leg of the Mississippi River, virtually at the end of Hwy 23.

That’s right where the road ends and meets the waters that’s where we are which in turn because the Mississippi River dumps a tremendous amount of water and nutrition into the Delta area of Venice, creating one of the most prolific areas to fish in the world, with many species available.

That being said Venice without a doubt is the number one destination for trophy size Reds along with “slot” reds that are the smaller size reds and this is what Capt. Mike, his sons and his other captains specialize in. Year round action, that’s right YEAR ROUND Redfish are abundant in the marsh areas of Venice.

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