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FWC Seeks Public Input on Skyway Pier Fishing Regulations

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will host a virtual workshop next week to gather public input on potential new fishing regulations for Skyway Fishing Pier State Park to address seabird entanglement and injury.

The FWC is considering new fishing rules to minimize the severe entanglement of pelicans and other seabirds in fishing line at Skyway Pier. Potential rule changes could include prohibiting the possession of hook-and-line gear with more than one hook (e.g., sabiki rigs, chicken rigs), prohibiting possession of any multiple hook (e.g., treble hook, topwater plug lures), and limiting anglers to three sets of hook-and-line gear per person while fishing within the park. The FWC is seeking public feedback on these and other potential rule changes that could address ongoing entanglement, injury and mortality of seabirds that continue to occur at this location, reduce angler-seabird interactions, and further seabird conservation.  

The virtual workshop will start at 6 p.m. EST on Monday, Nov. 21. Connect to the meeting by going to, clicking on “Rulemaking: Submit a Comment/Attend a Workshop” and then “Upcoming Public Workshops”  and join the webinar. For those who can’t attend the virtual workshop, a recorded version of the workshop presentation will be available on the FWC Saltwater Fishing YouTube channel.

Submit comments online by visiting the Saltwater Public Comments page.

For information on public workshops, call 850-487-0554 or visit

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