Gamakatsu® Introduces The New G-Power Flip & Punch Hook

Tacoma, Washington  – Bass fishing innovation is nothing new to professional angler and Gamakatsu pro Aaron Martens. With Aaron’s brilliant insight, Gamakatsu has developed the new G-Power Flip & Punch Hook. A step up from the G-Finesse Heavy Cover Hook, the newly designed heavy style is the ultimate in-between hook for heavy to super heavy cover.
The TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) hook, paired with its welded eye, make this hook the strongest in Gamakatsu’s G-Series lineup. When using larger baits and weights for punching through grass mats and flipping into heavy timber, anglers need a hook that’s versatile in all types of cover and able to withstand extreme conditions. “Gamakatsu nailed it with the G-Power Hook,” said Jeff Roberts, Gamakatsu sales manager.
Aaron thought of everything when it came to the new G-Power Flip & Punch Hook. This hook has a shortened point length providing less hook exposure in heavy cover; however, it leaves ample amount of the hook exposed to penetrate through the biggest of bass mouths. Reeling in a five-pound bass is a task of its own, but when adding two pounds of weeds to it, the odds of losing that fish increase. Just like Aaron, all anglers want to land the fish of a lifetime and leave the salad for the dinner table.
Gamakatsu’s new G-Power Flip & Punch Hook comes in a variety of sizes 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 and is complemented by the Nano Smooth Coating finish ensuring this hook maintains Gamakastu’s reputation as the sharpest hook in the boat.
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