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Gamakatsu® Tungsten Wobble Head
Tacoma, Washington – Wobble Head jigs give anglers another way to target bass on an offshore structure. Gamakatsu’s new feature-packed Tungsten Wobble Head proves that not all wobble heads are created equal. With thoughtful design and quality manufacturing, Gamakatsu’s hybrid head design combines the snag resistance of a football head and the action of the cobra style head.
With a head design that unites the benefits of both a cobra head, for passing through grass, and a football head, for snag resistance on a hard bottom, the Tungsten Wobble Head creates a natural looking, slithering action that draws major attention from nearby bass. Ideal for slow-swimming retrieves, the head increases the action of any plastic bait along the bottom. The Tungsten Wobble Head features a chip-proof black matte finish paint job which blends in with plastics and your lure’s surroundings to generate more strikes. The weight size is stamped into the side of each weight making it easy to identify when it’s time to make a change.
The precision wire harness is tuned to exacting tolerances and a recessed line tie helps it stay weedless. The use of tungsten keeps it compact and offers increased sensitivity. The wire harness offers easy rigging with a variety of Gamakatsu hooks. Increased action, versatility of design, toughness, and maximum usefulness are all to be found in the new Tungsten Wobble Head from Gamakatsu.
Tungsten Wobble Head Features
  • Hybrid head design combines snag resistance of football head for hard bottom with cobra style head to pass through grass more effectively.
  • Special shape increases the action of any plastic bait along the bottom
  • More erratic when slowly swimming
  • Tungsten material for increased sensitivity and compact profile
  • Promotes easy rigging for any number of Gamakatsu hooks
  • Recessed line tie further increases its weedless ability
  • Weights (ounces): 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Qty/Pack: 1