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Gambler Lures and Hookup Lures Head North for Stripers This Spring


Every, year, striped bass migrate through the cool early spring waters of the Northeast. That time is just around the corner as striper anglers gear up and prepare for the 2021 spring season. “It’s quite an event,” noted Cape Cod local Jaxon Heine, “Many anglers travel to New England every year for a chance at a trophy fish – and that’s not just anglers fishing from boats.  There’s a huge group of hardcore striper anglers that pursue fish from the bank and specifically the Cape Cod Canal.”


Gambler Lures and Hookup Lures have been big names when it comes to fishing in the Southeast both in fresh and saltwater markets.  Always interested in innovation and expanding applicable product lines to more regions and more species both companies have put a focus on striper jigs, soft plastics and tackle for the 2021 season.


According to owner Val Osinski, “Our products really fit in to this type of fishing – heavy duty jigs, big swimbaits, and durable scented artificial lures are right in our wheel house!”


Val and Jaxon recommend looking at the Gambler EZ line of swimbaits from the Big EZ all the way up to the 8” GZ.  Also artificial baits like the Jaw Breaker Shrimp – available in a 3” and 4” version – as well as the Flapp’n Shad give anglers a lure packed with shrimp scent yet made for durability with a 3x tough custom plastic blend.


When it comes to jigs it’s all about strength and having the right hook to close the deal.  The 3X Trophiez Jig have been a quiet secret among die hard striper anglers the past few years offering a super stout hook in a range of head sizes.


The popularity of bucktails has also erupted for striper anglers – Hookup’s Big Bucktail and Syntail have been hot items especially when paired with the new 6” Eel.


Want to know more?  Contact Gambler and Hookup about product lines geared for fishing the Northeast contact Gambler Lures at or call 954-969-1772.

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