Gambler Releases New Komodo Soft Plastic

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Gambler Releases New Komodo Soft Plastic

Gambler Lures continues to innovate in the realm of soft plastic lures with the release of the new 4” Komodo.

Designed with a twofold purpose in mind, the Komodo can be used as an ultra-realistic  chatterbait, bladed jig, or jig trailer.  The subtle ridged body and custom designed rounded appendage tail create a lifelike kicking motion as the bait travels through the water.  At the same time it can also double as a glide style pitching and punching bait.

According to Gambler Lures owner Val Osinski, “The Komodo literally swims–the design of the tail and the way water flows around the body of the bait cause it to kick give it a subtle realistic action unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

The Komodo is now available in a 4” size and 6 colors prefect for mimicking just about any bait fish.

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Komodo underwater video