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Gear Up for Ice Fishing

For many outdoor enthusiasts, ice fishing is one of the most revered times of the year. Not only can you fish for many different species, but you can create memories with friends and family, spend time outside, enjoy beautiful winter scenery, and can provide you with some delicious table fare.

Like most activities, there are a ton of items that you could use but getting set up with the essentials is all you need to start. Many anglers start out with second hand gear and borrow from others until they are ready to purchase the rest.

Essential ice fishing gear:

Anyone over 16 years of age must have a fishing license. Or, try ice fishing during Free Fishing Weekend February 19-20, 2022.

Proper clothing to keep you warm. Insulated boots, waterproof gloves, thermal layers, a warm beanie, snow pants, a jacket, and wool socks are some of the staples. Warm clothing doesn’t need to be expensive or even ice fishing specific.

A chisel or auger to cut your ice fishing holes. An ice chisel is most effective early in the season but can also be used as a safety tool to check ice thickness throughout the season.  An ice auger is the most commonly used tool to drill holes through the ice. There are many options whether it’s a hand, electric, gas, or propane powered auger. Which one you choose typically depends on your budget, but they all work. A hand auger is most often the cheapest and best way to get started, paired with a sharp blade a hand auger gets the job done easier than you might expect.

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