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Giving Tuesday: A Donation that Changes Lives

Forestville, WI – Tuesday, November 29th, is “Giving Tuesday” and the non-profit Future Angler Foundation (FAF) is counting on the generosity of the recreational fishing industry, as well as anglers of all backgrounds, to help increase, leverage and sustain its wide-reaching programs. Aimed at introducing the public to the joys and thrills of fishing and boating through its extensive educational, promotional and grass roots efforts, the organization is laser-focused on its mission to help recruit, retain, and reactivate anglers and boaters.

“The non-profit world looks at Giving Tuesday as their Super-Bowl,” says FAF president, Patrick Neu. “We recognize there are many great causes to choose from in this country, but few have the opportunity to change the lives of the masses that the Future Angler Foundation provides. Creating anglers and boaters is a mission the FAF believes can have a truly positive impact on those who participate in these activities. Becoming an outdoor enthusiast for many might not only improve their life, it might even add years to it.”

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Fishing and boating are fun, healthy and family-friendly outdoors activities, but entry to these sports can be confusing and difficult for those who don’t have family ties or mentors to pass along the tradition. The FAF works to bridge that gap by supporting passionate, knowledgeable and generous individuals and organizations who volunteer their time and, in many cases, their own money, to teach anglers and families who want to learn more about the sport. With a focus on education and hands-on participation in sport-fishing, guided by skilled leaders and backed by incredible content and engaging curriculums, the organization offers School Program Grants, Tournament Program Grants, Outreach & Education Grants, and Partner Program Grants.

According to Neu, the FAF’s footprint in the U.S. has grown dramatically over the past 10 years and has increased at an accelerated rate since the organization teamed up with Discover Mediaworks (DMW) in 2018 to bring a digital component to the FAF tacklebox. In support of this statement CEO of Discover Mediaworks Mark Rose, producer of the “Into the Outdoors” television series stated: “Through the Getting Families Fishing and Boating television programs that air nationally on our Into the Outdoors Television Network, the Future Angler Foundation now helps expose tens of millions of non-anglers annually to a sport that can change the quality of their life. We’re extremely proud to play a role in this partnership that has been funded by the FAF over the past 5 years, and we look forward to expanding the breadth of our influence through the series in the years to come.”

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Neu went on to add that exposing people to angling and boating, however, is just the first step. Making these life enhancing activities become a permanent part of their lifestyle is the ultimate goal. In short, the Future Angler Foundation is utilizing angler/boater education and outreach to help reverse the attrition that has taken place in the sportfishing and boating industries over the past few decades, and to support the efforts that strive to bring the next generation of participants to the outdoors.

“We do this through networking and a hands-on grassroots approach that has proven to be extremely effective, combined with digital content we have created that sees millions of impressions annually through our Getting Families Fishing television series which airs nationally on Into the Outdoors,” explains Neu. “We believe participation in outdoor activities like fishing are at the core of the American way of life and essential to the future of our nation as we know it.”

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Specifically, the FAF works to:

  • Support volunteers and organizations hosting angling educational events that contribute to an increase in participation in angling and boating.
  • Develop digital angling and boating safety content that creates millions of impressions annually.
  • Create an infrastructure to support knowledgeable volunteers who educate anglers of all experience levels at National Parks, State Parks, fishing clubs, and other outdoors-related venues, organizations and events.
  • Develop programs to bring angling/boating safety into the schools as part of a school curriculum.
  • Collaborate with the fishing and boating industry, plus Federal and State Agencies, to educate anglers and boaters of all ages.

“Our passion for the sport and our desire to share angling as a life-changing activity with future anglers/boaters through education and outreach is the driving force behind this foundation,” concludes Neu. “By exposing non-anglers/boaters to sportfishing/boating, and at the same time reactivating anglers who have not participated in these sports recently, we strive to solidify a place for these great traditions in American culture for generations to come. We hope you’ll join in our mission to grow participation in these pastimes with a generous tax-deductible donation on Giving Tuesday – or on any other day of the year for that matter.”

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