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Grit, LLC Announces Brand Development and Advertising Agency

Hartland, WI – Grit, LLC announces it is open for business. Grit is a creative agency that specializes in developing high-quality branding, advertising, and other visual materials for the outdoor industry. Owner Chase Baker has extensive experience in the outdoor space and a proven track record of elevating brands and helping outdoor businesses reach their goals.

“The outdoors has captivated me since childhood — running my own creative agency has been a dream since college,” said Baker. “Finally, I was in a position to realize that dream and take a chance on some unconventional creative ideas.”

As the outdoor industry continues to evolve in both traditional and digital media, new challenges are created for brands trying to connect with its audience. Having great creative and interesting content is a necessity for a business to thrive.

Grit uses high standards of visual aesthetics to highlight the core values of a brand, and focuses on what makes it unique. At Grit, they know that it takes more than good ideas to help your business grow — planning without action isn’t worth much, and Grit embodies the strong work ethic that the Midwest is known for.

When asked, “Why Grit?” Baker responded, “Doing business in the Outdoor Industry can require great resolve. When fishing or hunting there’s always obstacles to overcome, just like in business. The difference between success and failure, often comes down to grit. It’s that power you summon when reason and logic tell you to pack it in and go home. That’s why at Grit we are big fans of getting our hands dirty and our boots muddy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fishing video shot from a kayak or crawling through the dirt for that perfect angle on a photograph — we live for those moments.”

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