Gtechniq Announces Polishing And Cleaning Product Line

Cumming, Ga. – Gtechniq, global leader in the detailing industry, announced today a series of polishing and cleaning products for detailers and boat owners to refresh vessels after use. The Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish, Metal Restoration Polish, Water Spot Remover and UV Wash product offerings are the perfect tools for keeping a boat looking brand new.

Unlike traditional polishes that cut a surface, Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish contains nanoscale alpha alumina particles that reflow the surface. This causes significantly less damage to a boat’s gelcoat or topcoat. The multi-stage technology is not only kinder to a surface, but it removes surface defects without the need for an abundance of compounds. There are no unsightly buffer trails, only a flawless, high-gloss finish. It is available in either 500ml or 5L sizes for $37.95 or $318.95, respectively.

Gtechniq Marine Metal Restoration Polish safely and easily restores deep luster to any metal. It can be used on stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other precious metals. Because it contains no ammonia or other harsh chemicals or aggressive abrasives, the polish delivers an immaculate blemish-free finish every time. It is available in 250ml bottles for $32.95.

A concentrated formula which is safe to use on all marine finishes, Gtechniq Marine Water Spot Remover is designed to remove salt and freshwater spots and can be used on matte and gloss finishes. In addition, it will not remove any previously applied coatings or wax. The ready-to-use formula will make short work of even the most stubborn water spots. It is available in 500ml bottles for $24.95.

The UV Wash has been specifically formulated with a liquid hydroxyphenyl-triazine (HPT) UV absorber and aquatic safe surfactants to work in harmony with Gtechniq Marine Coatings. One hundred percent biodegradable, UV Wash breaks the bond between a dirt film and a boat’s paintwork. The shampoo lubricates dirt particles, minimizing surface abrasion, while maximizing gloss retention. It is available in either 500ml or 5L sizes for $18.95 or $139.95, respectively.

Gtechniq Marine Multi-Stage Polish, Metal Restoration Polish, Water Spot Remover and UV Wash help round out the suite of Gtechniq Marine products helmed by Gtechniq’s premium Marine coatings, Ceramic Base and Ceramic Top.

“Our customers want to spend as little time as possible maintaining their vessels and more time on the water enjoying them,” said Jay Bentley, Business Development Manager – Marine, Gtechniq North America. “Our full line of polishes and cleaners are perfectly formulated to keep brightwork and surfaces free from dirt and debris without scratching or damaging finishes. These products are effective and easy to use and keep your boat looking like it did the day you bought it.”

Entering its 21st year of business as a global leader in the detailing industry, Gtechniq launched its marine division in 2020. As boats become more advanced and owners become more discerning, Gtechniq Marine products ensure the surfaces of a boat maintain their showroom look and luster.

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