Gtechniq Launches Glass And Plexiglass Detailing Product Line

Cumming, Ga. – Gtechniq, global leader in the detailing industry, announced today a line of new, easy to use detailing products designed specifically for high-gloss glass and plexiglass surfaces – Gtechniq Marine Glass Cleaner, Glass Polish and Glass & Plexiglass Coat. One of the most difficult surfaces on a vessel to keep clean and protected, glass and plexiglass windows and windshields require a line of specially formulated products to maintain them.

The Gtechniq Marine Glass Cleaner is a pure formula, focused on function. All ingredients that can cause smearing have been discarded, like fragrance and cheap solvents, to produce a high-performance, powerful cleaning product. Glass Cleaner also leaves a positive charge on the glass helping to repel dust. It is available in 500ml bottles for $21.95.

A water-based cleaner for glass or plexiglass, the Gtechniq Marine Glass Polish contains nano abrasives and citric acid to achieve a smear and scratch-free finish every time. The high-performance polish cuts through dirt and grime and removes water spots and unwanted tarnishes, leaving a clinically clean finish. It is available in 250ml bottles for $24.95.

Gtechniq Marine Glass & Plexiglass Coat greatly reduces the surface energy of glass and plexiglass surfaces, thereby making water form into tight droplets that readily roll off the surface. This improves visibility by both quickly clearing these surfaces of water and leaving less water residue on the surface to dry out as water spots. It is available in 250ml bottles for $44.95.

Gtechniq Marine Glass Cleaner, Glass Polish and Glass & Plexiglass Coat are complemented by Gtechniq Marine maintenance products like UV Wash, Water Spot Remover, and the Gtechniq premium coatings, Marine Ceramic Base and Ceramic Top.

“Not only are high-gloss surfaces like windows and windshields very difficult to keep clean and scratch-free, but they are also one of the most visible surfaces on a vessel,” said Jay Bentley, Business Development Manager – Marine, Gtechniq North America. “Keeping your vessel’s windows clean and protected is vital to keeping your boat looking like new. Our glass cleaning, polishing and protecting products are a must for any caring boat owner.”

Entering its 21st year of business as a global leader in the detailing industry, Gtechniq launched its marine division in 2020. As boats become more advanced and owners become more discerning, Gtechniq Marine products ensure the surfaces of a boat maintain their showroom look and luster.

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