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Have You Fished A Stupid Tube?

n bass fishing, things come and go. You may see a bait or a rigging that gets hot for a while, and that is all you hear about in bass circles as everyone flocks to it. But soon, this will lose traction when something new comes along and takes away all the hype and talk. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has happened in bass fishing so often that I can’t add up the number of baits and tactics that have gone by the wayside.

One bait that seems to have stood the test of time, though, in this circle is the tube. Since day one, the tube has had a cult-like following in bass circles. I think this has a lot to do with many bass fishermen still thinking that a tube is a spawning bait only, to be used for a few weeks and then put away until the following years spawning season starts.

How many of you have heard of a Stupid Tube in this same circle? It’s not a tube that is not smart enough to catch bass, thus the name “Stupid Tube.” The stupid tube is a rigging technique for fishing a tube. The reason behind the name is it just flat-out works making it stupid how well it catches bass all season long. But, that is if you try it.

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