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Hobie® Eyewear: Built For The Pros. Priced For Everyone

Oceanside, CA – Hobie® Eyewear is the go-to choice for active water enthusiasts and anglers. Whether you’re competing in the Bassmaster Classic for the sport’s top prize or fishing with your buddies at a local pond, Hobie® Eyewear guarantees to deliver elite-level performance features without burning a hole in your wallet. Starting at a competitive price of $79.99, the quality and the price tag are unmatched in polarized performance. With polarized lenses designed to reduce glare, eliminate haze, and increase visual clarity, Hobie® Eyewear sunglasses give you an unmatched vision on the water.

“It’s the highest quality lens I have ever used, and are perfect for me competing at the highest level,” says professional bass angler Carl Jocumsen. 2X Bassmaster Classic Champion Hank Cherry agrees, “They are all around great optics for being on the water and getting the job done. My eyes are essential to my job, and these glasses provide top-of-the-line performance.”

Not only do they perform like a premium pair of glasses should, but they’re also priced just right. “They are priced for the everyday angler,” says Carl Jocumsen, “and feel like the highest, most expensive pair you can buy.” Anglers don’t have to sacrifice their vision or budget when choosing Hobie® sunglasses – you get both quality and affordability with every purchase.

When it comes to eyewear on the water, Hobie® Eyewear has been leading the way since 1982 with its focus on clear, sharp, and precise vision. Their lenses provide remarkable clearness, polarization, and protection from UV rays so you can stay safe while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. Hank Cherry confirms the reliability of his Hobie® eyewear in his statement, “As a touring professional angler, if I can depend on them, I know the weekend angler can as well.”

A pair of Hobie® Eyewear will undoubtedly change how anglers live, play, and perform on the water as the glasses provide top-notch performance and comfort for any fishing scenario. Plus, with their affordable prices, there’s no reason not to upgrade your eyewear today!

About Hobie® Eyewear

Since 1982, Hobie® Eyewear has made being on the water easier and more enjoyable – pioneering a better, clearer, and more precise kind of vision. Merging expertly crafted designs with premium polarization, durability, and innovative technologies has been at its core, following in the footsteps of visionary creator Hobie® Alter. Hobie’s growing product catalog includes the ultra-light Floating Collection, HydroClean™ repellent lens coatings and Quick-Swap Interchange lenses to fit every outdoor enthusiast’s needs. Find out more at and follow their adventure on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at @HobieEyewear.

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