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Hook and Hold Giants with Gamakatsu Assist 720 Heavy Duty

Tacoma, Washington:    Armed with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, tuna chase down their prey with speed and precision. Anglers who pursue big game fish like tuna rely on a heavy-duty tackle to hook and hold these saltwater giants. Gamakatsu added its biggest, toughest assist hook rigs yet—the Assist 720 Heavy Duty—to its impressive line of big game fish hooks designed to help anglers land trophy fish.
Using an assist hook increases the odds of keeping the fish on the line. It’s typically rigged directly to the jig eye with its nearly unbreakable one-piece ring. The hook swings free on its high-test cord, so a caught fish can not apply leverage against the hook to pull free. Double your chances of a hookup by using an assist hook on the eye and a standard hook at the rear.
Gamakatsu calls the Assist 720 hooks “heavy-duty,” but that’s an understatement with these bruisers! Made in Japan, Gamakatsu Assist 720 Heavy Duty is the ultimate big game fish rigging. The Assist uses an ultra-strong Gamakatsu saltwater hook in three sizes from 10/0 to 12/0. A four-strand braid of abrasion-resistant polyethylene cord provides a whopping 880-lb combined test strength, while the ring makes it fast and easy to connect the assist hook to the jig eye using a split ring. Multiple cord strands add redundancy—an insurance policy against abrasion and breakage from a thrashing fish.
When targeting big fish, eventually, the fish of a lifetime will strike. Take no chances of losing it by using light tackle! Use the Gamakatsu Assist 720 Heavy Duty.
Assist 720 Heavy Duty Features:
  • Polyethylene Cord 880-lb test (4 strands x 220-lbs each)
  • Sizes: 10/0, 11/0, 12/0
  • Color: Tin
  • Qty/Pkg: 1

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