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How A Trolling Motor Helps You Do More Fishing

Every angler is after the same thing: more. You want to spend more days on the water, and more of your time fishing so you can make the most of it. While you can’t make the sun rise earlier or set later, the right trolling motor can help you make the most out of the daylight you have. How? By freeing you up to focus on fishing.

Minn Kota’s Ultrex™ trolling motor packs every advantage into one unit, with an arsenal of innovations and proven Minn Kota® design that for years have helped anglers spend more time fishing and less time messing with their boat.

Create a Self-Driving Boat

Every angler knows about Spot-Lock®. But what a lot of anglers don’t quite realize about advanced trolling motors, like Ultrex, is that they can actually drive the boat for you. Instead of being tied to the foot pedal while you pick your way across the water to a waypoint, you can just select that waypoint on a Humminbird® fish finder, press a button, and your Ultrex will kick on and drive you to that spot with GPS accuracy.

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How? The One-Boat Network®.

Minn Kota and Humminbird products are fully integrated, and can communicate using the One-Boat Network. This technology lets you control Minn Kota products, like Ultrex, through your Humminbird fish finder, a mobile app, a wireless remote and more. And when you can press a button on your fish finder and have Ultrex drive you to your spot, you can use that drive time to switch lures, scan for structure and arrive at your waypoint ready to fish.

Never Lose Another Spot

If you don’t know about Spot-Lock, you’re living under a rock bigger than the bass you’re trying to catch. But you might not know all the ways it lets you fish even more.

Start with the basics: find a spot, press a button and your boat stays right there. Spot-Lock uses GPS to remember your spot and automatically keeps you on it with unparalleled accuracy. That means when you get to the honey hole, you don’t leave until you’re ready, and you don’t waste any time repositioning your boat when wind, waves and current try to pull you away. You can use that time for more casts.

But Spot-Lock has even more to love with the Jog function. This feature lets you move five feet forward, backwards, left or right at the push of a button. So, if you hit Spot-Lock but the current moves and the bite shifts, you can keep up without taking your hands off your fishing rod. The fish may keep moving, but you’re going to keep fishing.

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Powerful and Comfortable

All the innovation packed into Ultrex doesn’t mean much if the motor isn’t easy to use. Ultrex couldn’t be easier. Its foot pedal feels like a cable steer – intuitive, responsive and ready for anything. And with up to 112 pounds of thrust and nearly 90 years of Minn Kota’s experience built into every unit, it’s got enough power for big wind, heavy vegetation and anything else that gets in your way.

Minn Kota designed Ultrex to fight anything that gets between you and fish – without making you feel like you just went 10 rounds. It’s built to be used all-day, but with the self-driving capabilities of the One-Boat Network and the staying power of Spot-Lock, you can get the benefit of all of Ultrex’s power without ever lifting a finger.

There’s a reason Ultrex is the most trusted, most proven motor on the water: because when all you want to do is fish, all you need is Ultrex to take care of everything else.

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